Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Is it part of a person’s nature to be rude and personify a very negative spirit towards people that they don’t know anything about? I know of a very rude, disrespectful, power wielding Sheriff-wanna-be court security hired by my tax dollars named Rodriguez who has a nasty, evil “tuff guy” persona that only adds to many different problems that people have in their own private lives. You know readers, I have a lot of respect for real cops who chase baby molesters and have great intentions towards public safety and awareness, but when I run into one power-wielding freak like Mr. Rodriguez who has no respect for the people who pay his salary... this wanna be rookie needs to learn from the old timer about respect and honor before he decides to want to put on the real sheriff’s badge.

If you don’t like serving the public stay home and play cops and robbers with your kids. Don’t bring your home to work and don’t take your job back home with you. If you want to be tuff and rude when you put that uniform on—that I pay for—then you’d better perform in that matter when you put it on in the mirror at home. Because that is when it should stop. If you don’t like poor people, then get a job in Beverly Hills because when I saw you disrespect that poor immigrant woman and her gang banging son who was of your race, I was shocked and fed up with your sick behavior toward the people who you are a servant of. Putting on a badge of power does not give you a right to treat human beings like animals, because you are making all of the good cops in your department look bad in the eyes of the public. I know that Mr. Baca is a new sheriff in town and would not approve of the public being treated unfairly by you.

You are an officer, but you haven’t quite gotten to the gentlemen part yet and I doubt if you’ll ever get it. With your attitude I pray that Mr. Baca doesn’t ever give you, Officer Rodriguez, a badge because you will not be good for the public in my opinion. Remember you are at a traffic court dealing with the public over at 1945 South Hill Street, front door security with a tax payers’ own badge.

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