Sunday, May 3, 2015

On my way back from a health scare, I come upon a terrible scene. On lock down from about 72nd to Van Ness along the ‘hood artery known as Crenshaw, on the corner of Florence, a six car, six fatality pile up lays out part of what would be a devastating day in South Central.

What’s left of 3 of the cars.

Trucks and police line...

From about 73rd and Crenshaw… 

To Van Ness... 

Apparently a car ran a light here on the corner of Florence and Crenshaw.

Intense heat melted light/walk signal.

Witnesses being questioned by police and firemen. 

Cars were diverted as far back as 74th.

Crowd gathers at 73rd and Crenshaw.

Neighbors talk it over.

A lone flare cuts off an alley route. 

The sun sets behind the police line a block back on Florence.

The end of a horrible day.



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