Monday, May 25, 2015

“We’re just looking for better leadership out of the White House,” said Ingrid Hutt of the Los Angeles based New Frontier Democratic Club, which recently announced their overwhelming support of presidential candidate Barack Obama for 2008. Obama is the club’s first presidential endorsement, making history for the group established more than 40 years ago.

“[We’re] definitely looking for changes from this current administration,” added NFDC Past President Bobbie Anderson.

“We feel that although Democrats are not all they need to be for African Americans, they certainly address more of our needs than the Republican party. So it’s just basically getting a Democrat to take the White House back and [he seems to be] the candidate that addresses most of the issues we’re concerned about.”

Among the main issues are healthcare and housing, said Anderson, since the crisis in both areas seem to be hitting Blacks the hardest. Obama’s plan involves nationwide health coverage with guaranteed eligibility, even with preexisting conditions. And that makes sense, she said.

“Look at just about every condition in the United States and Blacks are disproportionately affected by it.”

For housing Obama said he would crack down on fraudulent brokers and lenders, making sure home buyers have honest and complete information about their mortgage options. He would also give tax credits to all middle-class homeowners.

“That’s not saying that all of the candidates who are still in the race don’t address those needs but we see him as addressing the needs and being more sensitive to them, being an African American [himself]. That distinguishes him from the pack,” Anderson said.

In 1960 a few African American leaders got together to form NFDC, encouraging more Blacks to get involved in voting during the John F. Kennedy Campaign. Since then, say its members, NFDC’s mission is:

  • Fostering active participation by the community citizenry in politics and electing qualified Democratic candidates to public office;
  • Building a strong political organization that is receptive, reputable and responsive to the needs of the community;
  • Encouraging full participation by the community in the political process and providing education and guidance in the use of this process;
  • Promoting the growth and effectiveness of the Democratic Party; and
  • Identifying, training, developing and supporting potential candidates for public office.

“I personally would choose him over Hillary because Hillary has already been there and it might be politics as usual,” said Hutt.

“From Barack Obama having a multi cultural background, he kind of sees the world, the way it is... not just Black or White but as people.”

Obama was in South Carolina this Martin Luther King weekend addressing his supporters at different churches. The state’s residents will be casting their primary votes this week.

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