Saturday, April 18, 2015

Delilah Lanoix-Harris, SMS Transportation, CEO, Los Angeles, CA - As a business owner, I will continue to grow my business and increase revenue so that we are in a position to hire even more individuals from our community.


Peris Meeks, Web-Site Developer, Compton, CA - I will find the strength to be more patient with those who attempt to impede my progress and block me from achieving my goals.


Ola Tillman, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA - I will continue to move forward in my goal of developing new business, building my client base and continuing on the road to greater business success and financial independence.


Gerry Barner, Entrepre-neur, Riverside, CA — With six sons, I will continue to develop the kind of relationship with each of them that will help them become productive, respectful and successful young adults. And with my daughter, I will continue to demonstrate my appreciation for all that she does.


Gloria Simington, Entrepre-neur, Los Angeles, CA - No resolutions! My goal is to continue to strive to achieve greater success in my present field - serving the community - and build upon my physical, spiritual, and financial health.


Darrell Blanton, Investor, Los Angeles, CA — My goal for the New Year is to increase my involvement with the City of Los Angeles as it pertains to the development of suitable housing for the homeless.

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