Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wellington's Road


On a Friday, I took my mother and sister out to eat in town. It was my turn to choose the restaurant and I was fitting the bill.

We went to a restaurant in West Hollywood. I ordered the Gorgonzolla, Sautéed Onion Burger with french fries. I wanted Fish ‘n’ Chips but they weren’t on the menu. My sister ordered the Chicken Lasagana. My mother ordered the Veggie Burger with a side salad.

The food was good.

We ate. We laughed about going to the wrong spot across the street. Talked about things relevant to us. And continued to eat.

My mother was tired and suffering from "allergies." My sister complained that there wasn’t enough pasta in her Lasagna. The food was good regardless.

We pondered desert but didn’t get any. We walked back to our car. Try to figure out if we had to pay for parking... apparently we didn’t.

We went home.

It was an evening with family. It was just us together being ourselves and enjoying good food. An occasional family outing we do.

Try it sometime.

It’s good.


Category: Op-Ed

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