Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When fifth-grade teacher Jacquie Hundley’s garage caught fire recently, she was distraught over the loss of 400 books she had stored there for students at Anderson Elementary School.

“I was just in shock,” said Hundley, 42, who had purchased the books with her own money over the course of seven years.

Her teaching colleagues passed the hat and collected $300 to contribute to a book replacement fund. Then, after hearing about the loss, the management, staff and volunteer Board of Directors at Mid-Cities Schools Credit Union organized a fundraising campaign among their vendor associates, collecting enough funds to present Hundley and her school principal, Pamela Neal-Robinson, with 91 new books on September 26.

“This is a win-win event for the Credit Union and the schoolchildren,” said MCSCU Chairman of the Board Fred Easter. “The children win continued access to the educational resource of books, and the Credit Union enjoys another opportunity to contribute to our community.”

MCSCU CEO Charlotte Johnson agrees. “Many credit unions give back to the communities they serve, but Mid-Cities Schools Credit Union participates in local activities as a matter of policy.” She added that a majority of MCSCU members are education professionals who understand that “helping a child is a gift to the community.”

MCSCU vendor associates who contributed to the book replacement fund include American General; DataLok; Michelle Patterson, Attorney at Law; BDI. Members of the MCSCU Board of Directors who contributed include Fred Easter, chairman; Roy Brooks, director; Ozola Olive, director; and Delores Penn, Supervisory Committee member.

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