Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shana Kern, Chaffney USD, Campus Security Officer, Rancho Cuca-monga, CA— The school officials should have taken action at the beginning to punish the Black and White kids who were involved in this matter. Had it been handled in school it may not have spilled-over into the community.


Kevin Barker, Los Angeles Police Officer, Torrance, CA—This matter has been overblown in a manner that negatively affects the Black kids. A tennis shoe is not a dangerous weapon and schoolyard fights do not usually result in serious criminal charges.


Linda Coatney, Pharma-cist, Los Angeles, CA—This incident reminds me of similar cases that occurred in the South in the ‘60s. Blacks should be angry but not shocked because the reality is, not much has changed. The school principal should have handled the matter on the school’s campus.


Sherri Taylor, Rocket Scientist (really), Los Angeles, CA—The kids, Black and White, should be punished equally, commensurate with their acts related to this matter. With the Black kids facing criminal charges, there does not appear to be an even level of justice.


Destiny G., Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA—This case demonstrates that racism continues unabated in the United States and is openly practiced without any apparent fear of reprisal by southern prosecutors. Why can they not treat the Black and White kids fairly and evenly?


Charles Braggs, U.S. Army NCO, Los Angeles, CA—This matter never should have involved the police. It is a schoolyard fight and should have been handled at the local school level. Both groups of students deserve some type of disciplinary action.


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