Saturday, May 30, 2015

O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake.... all accused of murdering the women they vowed to love, cherish and protect. What causes this apparent epidemic of violence among couples in today’s society, even among the rich and famous?

Regardless of the outcome of any particular case, fatal domestic abuse is a reality that knows no boundaries of class, wealth, race or fame. Michael J. Holland’s new book, “WHY...Husbands Kill Their Wives and Boyfriends Beat Up Their Girlfriends”, pulls no punches when addressing domestic violence and its underlying causes, as seen through the eyes of its author. Holland examines the expectations between men and women in American society by honestly exploring the reasons why his own “ideal” marriage dissolved into a bitter, violent battleground, and applying his experience to relationships in general.

“WHY...Husbands Kill Their Wives and Boyfriends Beat Up Their Girlfriends” grapples with several issues: Is domestic abuse ever justifiable? Does our society actually encourage women to create dangerous confrontations with men? How has the role of feminism changed domestic relationships so that traditional values create conflicts which often escalate into violence?

Holland tells all in a frank, uncompromising style which discusses the power struggles, selfishness and incompatible values which turned his marriage into a series of violent episodes, including his own arrest. He also tells of his personal struggles to maintain custody of his children, which almost cost him his life at the hands of L.A. gangbangers. Most importantly, he shows how his story is a microcosm of the domestic violence which pervades American society today—and how women, as well as men, need to learn the causes, in order to reverse the trend and stop the epidemic.

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