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Christ Our Redeemer Youth

Reflecting commitment to excellence in life, more than 25 young people successfully completed the ‘Rites of Passage: Sons of Success, Daughters of Destiny’ program organized by the New Generation Praise Youth Ministry at Christ Our Redeemer A.M.E. Church (COR).

The program, directed by the Rev. Charles Dorsey, COR’s Youth and Young Adult Pastor, is designed to aid boys and girls in developing godly standards to guide their life.

“Our mission with Rites of Passage is to help youth grow spiritually, mentally and physically into young men and women by encountering and embracing Christian and afro-centric principles,” said Senior Pastor Mark E. Whitlock II.

“Most importantly, we want to ensure our boys and girls are prepared for excellence in schools, sports, community, and in all their endeavors.”

The training conducted August 5 to August 28 focused on four areas: positive pairing up and mentoring, enriching activities, clear and achievable standards, and practical life lessons.  Discussion topics covered manhood, womanhood, conflict resolution, hygiene, wardrobe, habits, relationships, risks, goals, fitness, and good decisions.  Also, youth and mentors participated in group sessions twice a week.

“During the sessions, young people asked questions, received answers, and accepted critique and challenges.  We encouraged them to communicate effectively as well as preserve the innocence of their youth and sanctity of their bodies,” said Pastor Whitlock.

“As a result, we graduated young people who gracefully accepted the admonition to receive the lessons and adjust their lifestyle. We proudly celebrate their achievement and commitment to themselves, their parents, their community, and their church. 

"These Rites of Passage graduates will transform our world!”



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