Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Karolyn’s Catering Provides Caribbean Flare

Owners Karolyn and Andrew Williams of Karolyn’s Catering will be serving up some American favorites with a Caribbean twist.

When the thought of “party wings” comes to the minds of food lovers, often the words “fried chicken,” “hot” and even “barbecue” follow. However, Karolyn and Andrew have incorporated their ethnic and cultural backgrounds within their cuisine, creating a delicious distinction. Originally from St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands, Andrew shared that his origin and travels have a lot to do with why customers keep coming back. “They aren’t just chicken wings…we use different spices and so our wings taste different.”

Starting off as the caterers of family events, Karolyn and Andrew were all the rave amongst their inner circle. Inspired by the feedback and downward spiral of the economy, the Williams’s developed their very own catering business. “Karolyn was always good at cooking and the recipes are hers, so that’s why her name precedes ‘catering.’” Husband, Andrew elaborated on the talents of his wife and their unified success, which included much of his own influence. As a result, many people within the surrounding community are familiar with Karolyn’s talent as well.

As first time vendors at the upcoming, Taste of Soul festival, Andrew stated that he looks forward to the camaraderie and anticipates continuing to be inspired by the smiles on customer’s faces. “Food brings us together and I want to be apart of this.” Karolyn’s Catering will also be providing white potato fries, sweet potato fries and tilapia. The mom and pop venture welcome participation in next year’s event as well. Be sure to visit their booth at “Los Angeles’ largest street festival” on Saturday, October 20. 


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