Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Wellington's Road

Vote! Vote! Vote! It's the word of the day ringing in everybody's ear. The emphasis is that there is so much more at stake this time around than any other time. I have no doubt that there are strings being pulled to inhibit, discourage and deter Black votes...but when hasn't that been the case?

Everyone (Black folk particularly) is just about ready to crucify themselves (and others) to keep President Obama in office. Compared to Mitt Romney, President Obama is the clear choice. Despite the critical crap that's been thrown at our (America's) president-Barack Obama has done a bang up job with all the mess he inherited after the Bush Administration. Kudos to President Barack Obama for keeping our heads above water.

I have issues with some of the agendas he's pushing for this time around, and for that matter, many people do. The president has to represent all interests-though that may be true, that's shaky ground for me. Nevertheless, I'm not a fan of the political arena with all of its posturing, boasting, promising-I know that at the end of the day, only One Man has my back...I hold onto His unchanging hand.

I haven't decided whether I'm voting or not this year and I'm sure many people could (and would) convince me otherwise. I know about the Black struggle-the ocean of blood, sweat and tears poured out and the lives who died for me to do what I do today. It was only Jesus who gave that strength to my predecessors to endure what they endured. But I have to make my choice for me.

I encourage everyone to make a choice not just about voting- but life. Don't let people toss you to and fro like a leaf in the wind-stop, listen and choose. We all have choices to make everyday...left or right...yes or no...Jesus or myself... we have to make a choice. So whatever you choose to do this or any election year-whether you choose to vote or not. Let it be your choice.


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