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Around the NBA 2/17/11
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 17 February 2011
Speculation is that the Utah Jazz had to choose between All Star point guard Deron Williams and Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan.  Sloan abruptly resigned. Photo by Jeff Lewis Lakers finish “Grammy’s” ... read more >>
Lakers get first signature victory of the season
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 11 February 2011
Ray Allen (right) was the man of the hour... in the first half.  Kobe Bryant stole the show in the second half, scoring 20 of his 23 points after halftime and he put the game on ice with a jumper over ... read more >>
NBA All-Star Jam Session
Written by Sentinel News Service 09 February 2011
NBA All-Star game tickets are going to be nearly impossible to come by, but that does not mean that locals will be shut out of the weekend’s festivities.  NBA All-Star Jam Session allows fans to interactively ... read more >>
Blockbuster trade could make or break Lakers championship hopes
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 09 February 2011
Kobe Bryant (left) and Carmelo Anthony could be an unstoppable force if they were teamed together, or the issue of not enough balls to go around could tear the Lakers apart.  We might find out what could ... read more >>
Around the NBA 2/2/11
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 03 February 2011
NBA owners are claiming that they are losing millions of dollars per season, and contraction has been considered.  The Minnesota Timberwolves are on a short list of teams that may not be around too much ... read more >>
Correction, Lakers are worse than last year
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 02 February 2011
After the past two NBA Finals, it appeared that Pau Gasol shook the soft label, but this season he's been as soft as ever. Photo by Jeff LewisShip the title to San Antonio, Boston, or Miami.  The Lakers ... read more >>
Lakers are not worse than last year
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 28 January 2011
If Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs continue to rack up wins in bunches, the Lakers will not have any chance at the No. 1 seed in the West. Photo by Jeff Lewis The Lakers are on pace to have a better ... read more >>
UCLA on the rise, USC trying to stay afloat
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 27 January 2011
USC prized recruit Bryce Jones (Taft HS) faced dismissal from the basketball team if he did not transfer. Photo by Leon Bennett UCLA can make a statement, extend win streak. USC must reach .500, make ... read more >>
Around the NBA 1/25/11
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 25 January 2011
Blake Griffin has become the second biggest sports star in L.A., behind Kobe Bryant. Photo by Jason Lewis Clipper playoff hopes, the Carmelo Anthony saga continues and a look at the NBA’s hottest team.By ... read more >>
Around the NBA 1/20/11
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 20 January 2011
The Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose is averaging 24.4 points and 8.1 assists per game. Photo by Jeff Lewis Derrick Rose has supplanted Kevin Durant as MVP favorite; there are only six elite teams in the league--and ... read more >>
The Clippers score big against the Heat
Written by Tamara Latta (Sports Writer) 13 January 2011
Eric Gordon of the Clippers drives past Dwyane Wade for two of his 26 points. Photo by Jason Lewis Talk about a blast from the past.  Baron Davis scored 20 points and had nine assists against the Heat.  ... read more >>
Around the NBA 1/13/11
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 13 January 2011
Lamar Odom has played great this season, but there is worried that a new reality show could distract him. Carmelo Anthony can’t wait to get the “Nuggets” off of his chest.  Looks like he’d prefer ... read more >>
PAC-10 men’s basketball preview
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 06 January 2011
USC’s preseason wins prove that they could be a dangerous team come tournament time, but first, they have to qualify. Photo by Leon Bennett After the first weekend of conference play, the Pac-10 looks ... read more >>
Lakers are in shambles
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 05 January 2011
Kobe Bryant is taking too many shots and Steve Blake is missing too many. Photo by Jeff LewisLakers are a shell of their championship selves.By Jason LewisSentinel Sports Editorjasonl@lasentinel.netWhat ... read more >>
Clippers start hot, but fade away
Written by Tamara Latta (Sports Writer) 04 January 2011
Clippers forward Blake Griffin continues on his dunking tour.  Over the last 10 games he’s averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds, and he should make the All Star game. Photo by Leon Bennett  By Tamara ... read more >>
Around the NBA 1/3/11
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 03 January 2011
Boston Celtic opponents won't have to worry about dealing with Kevin Garrnet's nastiness because he will be out for a while with a knee injury. Photo by Jeff Lewis Yes, a Clipper should be an all-star, ... read more >>
Around the NBA 12/29/10
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 29 December 2010
Dwight Howard and the Orlando  Magic have defeated the Celtics and the Spurs, who have the best two records in the NBA, since making trades that shook up their roster. Photo by Jeff LewisLebron’s triple-double ... read more >>
“Whatever” attitude has ruined more than Christmas for the Lakers
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 27 December 2010
The Lakers didn't seem to care much for the Christmas day match up, while LeBron James and the Heat saw it as a statement game.  The Lakers haven't seem to have the need to make any kind of statement ... read more >>
First look at the NBA’s super match up
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 22 December 2010
Kobe Bryant (left) and LeBron James faced off last year on Christmas Day.  This time James is bringing some new friends. Photo by Jeff Lewis By Jason LewisSentinel Sports Editorjasonl@lasentinel.netAfter ... read more >>
Around the NBA 12/22/2010
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 22 December 2010
The Orlando Magic are hoping that guard Gilbert Arenas can "get right" so that they can compete with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat in the East. Photo by Jeff Lewis  Bynum returns, Arenas traded ... read more >>
Around the NBA
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 16 December 2010
If Carmelo Anthony has his way, he'll be ditching the Nuggets jersey for a Knicks jersey. Photo by Jeff LewisLakers; Clippers; Carmelo Anythony; and the Mavericks are on fireBy Michael Brown, Sentinel ... read more >>
Clippers’ youngsters continue to burn
Written by Tamara Latta (Sports Writer) 02 December 2010
Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has been dunking on everybody lately, but without veteran leadership, the Clippers continue to come up on the losing end. Photo by Craig Bennit By Tamara ... read more >>
Presumed Lakers-Heat NBA Finals in jeopardy
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 24 November 2010
The Miami Heat  were supposed to be this super team that was going to dominate the league on their way to a championshp, but that's not the case after an 8-6 start.  If they continue to be an average ... read more >>
Del Negro Will Steer Clippers to Winning Waters
Written by Eric Lambkins II 10 November 2010
Eric Gordon, along with rookies Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe, have been bright spots, but they cannot carry the load without veterans Baron Davis and Chris Kaman. Photo by Leon Bennett By Eric Lambkins ... read more >>
NBA labor fight would alienate fans, harm league
Written by Michael Brown (Sentinel Sports Writer) 03 November 2010
Fans better see this Lakers team this year, because it might be their final championship run if labor talks do not produce a new collective bargining agreement. Photo by Jeff LewisNBA players and owners ... read more >>

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