Gateway Tax Service
Written by Jennifer Bihm, Sentinel Staff Writer 16 February 2013
  The local tax service wants to make sure that during tax season, you needs are met. Tax season is underway and to take all of the complications out of filling out the 1040 is Gateway Tax Service, ... read more >>
Black History Month: Crenshaw High School
Written by Brian W. Carter, Sentinel Staff Writer 16 February 2013
  Current Crenshaw High principal, Remon Corley had high expectations of the school when he came on board last year and continues to work to keep the standard alive.  “I’m excited to be here and ... read more >>
WFTF's Candlelight Vigil
Written by Chelsea Battle, Sentinel Contributing Writer 07 February 2013
      Brandon Bell photo by Amanda Morrall Brandon Bell discusses his new grassroots organization, Wisdom From the Field, and his upcoming event honoring youths we’ve lost to violence in the ... read more >>
Dorsey Culinary Arts Program
Written by Brian W. Carter, Sentinel Staff Writer 07 February 2013
  Congresswoman Karen Bass visits the Dorsey High Culinary Arts Program for breakfast and encouragement.   Tychea Grey(left) with Anthony(Center) and Daphne Bradford (right), stated about the culinary ... read more >>