Postcards Blends Flavor
Written by Troy Tieuel, Sentinel Crenshaw & Around Editor 15 August 2013
  Postcards Food Truck sits on Crenshaw selling healthy blends of soul food and South American cuisine. Photo By Troy Tieuel Food trucks come and go, but great taste resonates in oneís memory forever.  ... read more >>
Mothers in Action provide needed Services to Students
Written by Troy Tieuel Sentinel Crenshaw & Around Editor 29 August 2013
Back to School Event Grants Supplies, Medical Services A bright sun surrounded by a blue sky rested above the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as parents and their school aged children filled the exterior ... read more >>
‘Happy Hair’ rules at Gina’s of Beverly Hills
Written by Troy Tieuel, Sentinel Crenshaw & Around Editor 12 September 2013
  Regina Wilson smiles her 'greeting smile' that customers would see, upon entering Gina's  of Beverly Hills Local salon still styling after seven years in the Crenshaw Square Plaza Gina’s of ... read more >>
Written by Sentinel News Wire 12 September 2013
  The community is invited to drop off their old and non‐functional cell phones, televisions, computers, calculators, digital clocks, and other electronic devices at the e‐waste recycling truck ... read more >>