Kina’s Burgers: Their Philosophy is Fresh
Written by Jennifer Bihm, Sentinel Staff Writer 03 October 2013
The Chandler Burger “As you know in fast food, everything is prefab and here, everything is from scratch, so it’s a healthier alternative to fast food restaurants,” said Peter Pryor owner of Melachia’s ... read more >>
Back-To-School With Historymakers’ T’Keyah Crystal Keymah & Sylvester Monroe
Written by Brian W. Carter, Sentinel Staff Writer 02 October 2013
  (from Left-To-Right): Historymakers’ ambassadors: director, writer, producer and performer T’Keyah Crystal Keymah & print journalist and author, Sylvester Monroe, visit Dorsey High School ... read more >>
CA Ticket Masters offering Discounts at TOS
Written by Jennifer Bihm, Sentinel Staff Writer 26 September 2013
Jasir Franklin, owner of California Ticket Masters a ticket clinic on Crenshaw, said his philosophy is this: “Educating yourself (when it comes to fighting tickets is the best self defense)” Franklin ... read more >>
Yoga in the Hood
Written by Eva Allen, Sentinel Contributing Writer 26 September 2013
  Green Tree Yoga Meditation Foundation is located on Western Ave. and hoping to make a change in the community Yoga has been found to be an excellent source for body toning, weight loss and overall ... read more >>