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"You can BET on it!"
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 26 June 2008
The annual BET awards at the Shrine Auditorium this week was one of the most positive experiences that I have ever had at an entrainment awards show. Accompanied by my teenage daughter Taelor, I took ... read more >>
Written by Brandon Bowlin (Blogger) 19 June 2008
PIMP PARADOX: PART ONE-SUPERSIZED  Let me let you in on a little secret, When you hear someone say the four words… “Yo, it’s like this…” ... read more >>
A Million Dollar Goal
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 19 June 2008
This week we are starting the National HIV Testing Campaign where our goal is to test one million African Americans throughout the nation. This Saturday, June 21 at 8:00 a.m. on KJLH 102.3 Radio Free, ... read more >>
Dark Words
Written by Brandon Bowlin (Blogger) 12 June 2008
The taking of our leaders is so painful and such a reality for us that we often feel torn even to discuss the nature of the facts surrounding some of the circumstances if only just to learn. ... read more >>
Supporting the Process
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 12 June 2008
Last week was a historical week for African Americans in our statewide primary elections as many incumbents, such as Congresswomen Maxine Waters, Diane Watson and Laura Richardson all were easily elected. ... read more >>
A Monumental Comeback; Score Trails by One at the Half
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 04 June 2008
We have seen a day that most of us never thought we would see—the day that a Black man would be elected the Presumptive Nominee of the Democratic Party (He will be the presumptive nominee until ... read more >>
Exclusive Photo Blog
Written by Brandon Bowlin (Blogger) 29 May 2008
On my way back from a health scare, I come upon a terrible scene. On lock down from about 72nd to Van Ness along the ‘hood artery known as Crenshaw, on the corner of Florence, a six car, six fatality ... read more >>
Black Business, Sentinel Business
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 29 May 2008
As most of you know the Sentinel is in the midst of celebrating our 75th Year Anniversary. Now like most of you, we have all been so used to dealing with the Sentinel that we often take it for granted. ... read more >>
Democratic Convention, Here I Come!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 22 May 2008
Wow! What a week. As many of you know I was recently elected as a delegate (alternate) for this year’s National Democratic Convention. Since I am a delegate, I had to travel up to Sacramento this ... read more >>
Do We Really Hate the Police?
Written by Brandon Bowlin, Sentinel Blogger 15 May 2008
When I heard the verdict of the police officers who were charged for killing Sean Bell I wept. He died in a barrage of 50 bullets after leaving a strip club. He was unarmed. The officers opted for ... read more >>
Robynn Milton-Potter, 14 Years Young
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 14 May 2008
This past weekend I had one of the most somber and sobering experiences of my life. Unfortunately, It was attending the funeral of my friends’ 14-year-old daughter. Her name was Robynn Milton-Potter ... read more >>

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Written by Brandon Bowlin 08 May 2008
THAT’S WHAT’S UP! Senator Barack Obama smashes in the NC and pushes the tape... in Indiana??!!! Hell, yeah…. Here it is. He has outraised money. He has won more delegates. He has ... read more >>
What About Home?
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 08 May 2008
I don’t want to seem to insensitive regarding world politics and issues. And I really do feel the pain and will continue to pray for those people who were devastated in the cyclones of Myanmar. ... read more >>
Wright Words, Wrong Time?
Written by Brandon Bowlin 01 May 2008
1966 “Peter Buxtun, a PHS (United States Public Health Services) venereal-disease investigator in San Francisco, sent a letter to the director of the Division of Venereal Diseases to express ... read more >>
Silver Rose Weekend
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 01 May 2008
I want to give a special shot out to Jenesse Center, my friend Karen Earl and the Lovely Ms. Halle Berry. This past Monday, I played in the first annual Halle Berry Golf Tournament. It was truly a fabulous ... read more >>
75 Years and a New Taste
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 24 April 2008
Recently I have received several telephone calls and emails asking whether or not the Taste of Soul is still set to take place since the recent sale of the radio station V100. I am here to assure you ... read more >>
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 17 April 2008
First off let me say to all of you who gave up a Fabulous Sunday Afternoon to come out to USC to vote for me (or any of the other 84 nominees), Thank You. Not only do I want to thank all of you for coming ... read more >>
33rd Congressional District Nominee
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 10 April 2008
For those of you who have not heard, I am running to be a Barack Obama delegate at this years Democratic National Convention to be held in Denver, Colorado this August. While holding any elected office ... read more >>
"I Have a Dream" to Witness New History
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 03 April 2008
Why are we having an Obama-Thon to commemorate the Passing of Dr. Martin Luther King? The reason is simple. The very essence of what Dr. King lived for and ultimately died for was so that "One ... read more >>
A "No Vote" Hurts like a "No" Vote
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 27 March 2008
Now a lot of people have their thoughts on Talk to Danny. Whether you believe in what I am saying or not, it really does not matter. What really matters is that you are committed to what is happening ... read more >>
Uh Ooh, The Pastor Eats Pork! Better Find Another Church!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 20 March 2008
From the moment Senator Obama decided to run for President, like most of you I knew they were gonna come after him. I said to myself and many of my friends America is not ready to elect a Black President ... read more >>
Our Lost Priorities
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 13 March 2008
The death of Jameil Shaw has really affected me. Maybe, it was the fact that I love coaching football, and Jameil Shaw reminds me of the hundreds of kids I have coached throughout my lifetime. Maybe, ... read more >>
6.25 Percent Black: What Math are YOU Using?
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 06 March 2008
I recently received a letter from one of our readers who lives in Marina Del Rey. The person (whose name I don’t want to give out) sent me what looks like a chain letter entitled Obama’s ... read more >>
The End of Black History Month
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 28 February 2008
We must ask ourselves, is it really the end of Black History Month? Or is it the start of us recognizing, understanding, and believing that without Black History there is no American History. I Love ... read more >>
VIDEO: Interviewer Picks Wrong Obama Supporter to Try to Railroad
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 21 February 2008
When Derrick Ashong, an Obama supporter,  was sideswiped in Los Angeles by a sniper with a video camera, the interviewer might have received a little more than he bargained for.  ... watch video >>

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