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Rise in L.A. County Home Sales
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 November 2009
Rise in L.A. County Home SalesCNS-- Home sales in Los Angeles County rose by 8.6 percent in October, compared to the same month a year ago, but prices fell by 8.5 percent, a real estate information service ... read more >>
Texas yielding Big Returns for California Real Estate Investors
Written by Sentinel News Service 22 October 2009
Texas yielding Big Returns for California Real Estate InvestorsIt was once said that "wealth accumulation was a result of money movement" this statement has never been more true than in today's environment. ... read more >>
Estate Planning 101: Care and Custody of the Estate Plan
Written by Marlene S. Cooper 24 September 2009
Estate Planning 101: Care and Custody of the Estate Plan By Attorney Marlene S. Cooper There are three core documents to a good estate plan: (1) a revocable living trust or, in very limited circumstances, ... read more >>
Relief for Struggling Homeowners
Written by Sentinel News Service 24 September 2009
Relief for Struggling Homeowners: NACA'S 'Save the Dream' Tour Hits Los Angeles Sept. 24 through Sept. 28Working with Major Lenders, Non-Profit Homeownership Organization Continues Saving Homes and Dreams ... read more >>
Nonprofits Break Ground on Service-Enriched Housing for Homeless Families
Written by Sentinel News Service 13 August 2009
A new housing development that will meet the needs of Watts area homeless families is celebrating its ground-breaking today, replacing a 40-year old development with 64 units of new affordable housing.Dolores ... read more >>
American Homeowners Borrowed Too Much, Economist Concludes
Written by Sentinel News Service 18 June 2009
A Fullerton university professor says the housing market collapse was caused less by people who bought homes but could not afford them than homeowners who relied on second mortgages to get into their homes, ... read more >>
Turn the recession into revenue for you
Written by Sentinel News Service 11 June 2009
We've all heard the bad news: There is a global recession, the housing market continues to decline, the banking industry is struggling and unemployment continues to rise. But, if you are one of the many ... read more >>
Agencies Host Home Rescue Fair
Written by Sentinel News Service 11 June 2009
The Alliance for Stabilizing Our Communities- a nonprofit partnership including New Economics for Women, Los Angeles Urban League and Asian Pacific and Policy Council will host a home rescue fair June ... read more >>
Flexibility and meaning in massage industry
Written by Sentinel News Service 04 June 2009
The recession is turning out to be a great equalizer, rearranging our priorities so that recent college graduates and seasoned professionals now share a single top concern -- job security. Many of them ... read more >>
NAACP Announces Diversity Job Board
Written by Sentinel News Service 02 June 2009
The NAACP and Personnel Strategies Inc. (PSI) announced a partnership to produce a diversity job board to be featured at The job board entitled promotes career opportunities ... read more >>
Smart financial tips for teens and parents
Written by Sentinel News Service 02 June 2009
Are you a parent of a teenager? Does your teen expect you to dole out cash like an ATM? Does your child know the word "budget?" As many families take a hard look at their finances in light of the current ... read more >>
Plan cuts $5.5B from California budget
Written by Associated Press 28 May 2009
Children's health care, welfare on chopping blockAP--Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday provided lawmakers with a detailed list of cuts to close the state's $21 billion deficit, proposing that California ... read more >>
Vacation locally to save big this summer
Written by Sentinel News Service 14 May 2009
With a down economy and the potential for higher gas prices this summer, many Americans are looking to take a more budget-friendly trip. Taking a "staycation," instead of a traditional vacation, is a great ... read more >>
Resourceful Ways for Small Business Owners to Save
Written by Sentinel News Service 14 May 2009
In this economic environment, everyone is looking for resourceful ways to decrease spending and save money. This is especially true for small business owners, as they look to reduce expenses, take advantage ... read more >>
Managers Being Recruited for 2010 Census
Written by Sentinel News Service 07 May 2009
27 Local Census Offices Opening Fall, 2009 The Los Angeles Regional Census Center is actively recruiting managers for 27 Local Census Offices. 26 will be located in Southern California, and one in Honolulu, ... read more >>
Willow Walk Family Concert
Written by Olusheyi Banjo (Contributing Writer) 28 April 2009
The Olson Homes in conjunction with the city of Compton and 93.5 the beat presented “The Willow Walk Family Concert In the Park” at the Willow Walk town homes on Saturday. Among those in attendance ... read more >>
Brooks Works to Bring Retailers into So. L.A.
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 02 April 2009
Jamie K. Brooks sees big potential in South Los Angeles development, and is doing his part to bring retail stores to our community. South Los Angeles has been ignored for years by major retailers, forcing ... read more >>
Last Minute Tax Tips
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 March 2009
If you have yet to file your 2008 tax return, don't panic. The key to getting it done quickly and efficiently is to have a game plan and know what to look for before starting. Use these tips to ... read more >>
Three Ways to Save Money With Coupons
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 March 2009
In this economy, people are looking to save money wherever they can. That means many are turning to an old favorite: coupons. There's no question that coupons can save shoppers serious money at ... read more >>
More Americans Turning Their Passions Into Successful Businesses
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 March 2009
If you've got a hobby, or even just a vision, it doesn't take much to turn your dream into an online business that can provide extra income or even a backup plan in the event of a job loss. ... read more >>
Get Free Tax Help at IRS Offices
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 March 2009
IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers in Los Angeles County will be open for "Super Saturday," March 21, from 9 am to 2 pm to provide free tax help to area residents. IRS employees will be going ... read more >>
Broadway Federal Bank Hosts Town Hall Meeting to Discuss the Stimulus Package
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 March 2009
On Saturday, March 21, Broadway Federal Bank is hosting a Town Hall Meeting, "Understanding the Stimulus Package" at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, 4718 W. Washington Blvd, LA 90016. ... read more >>
Assemblymember Price Plans 'Summit on Economic Recovery'
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 March 2009
Discuss Strategies for Creating New Jobs and Worker Protection,  Assemblymember Curren D. Price (D-Inglewood) will hold a major policy round table discussion with business and labor leaders at ... read more >>
National Urban League Publish New Foreclosure Prevention Workbook
Written by Sentinel News Service 05 March 2009
Wells Fargo and Advice from Foreclosure Experts Given to Homeowners across the Country Wells Fargo announced  that with the National Urban League it will co-sponsor a new edition of The Foreclosure ... read more >>
Freight Rail: A Vital Role to the Los Angeles Economy
Written by Shelley Bell 05 March 2009
By There is no denying the need to transport goods and supplies across the Los Angeles region. How to transport those goods, in the best interest of California consumers, businesses and even the environment; ... read more >>

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