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Film Review: SKIN
Written by Kam Williams (Contributing Writer) 05 November 2009
Film Review: SKIN  Apartheid Poses Problem for White Couple with Black BabyUntil 1994, South Africa's system of Apartheid forbade people of different "races" to use the same stores, to attend the ... read more >>
One Mike, One glove and One King
Written by Sam Johnson (Sentinel Intern) 22 October 2009
One Mike, One glove and One King"This Is It" - Michael Jackson MovieBy Sam JohnsonSentinel Intern 750 million albums sold. Check. 2 time Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame initiate. Check. Most successful entertainer ... read more >>
Film Review: Not Easily Broken
Written by Kam Williams (Contributing Writer) 15 January 2009
Marriage Vows Tested in Faith-Based Drama from Bishop T.D. Jakes No matter how hard he tries, Dave Johnson (Morris Chestnut) can do nothing to satisfy his wife, Clarice (Taraji Henson). She’s ... read more >>
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
Written by Kam Williams (Contributing Writer) 10 July 2008
Kit Kittredge, directed by Patricia Rozema, is the fourth of the American Girl series of illustrated children’s novels (along with Samantha, Felicity and Molly) to be adapted into a movie. However, ... read more >>
"The Souls of Black Girls" (Review)
Written by Kam Williams (Contributing Writer) 17 April 2008
Why have African-American women become so maligned by popular culture that we have a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Karen Hunter, writing a best seller seriously posing the question, “Are black ... read more >>



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