Big Willie Weekend
Written by Stephanie Frederic 03 July 2008
Big Willie Weekend Will Smith to the rescue in the superhero with an attitude flick, “Hancock.” “It’s Big Willie Weekend, “ ... read more >>
Common: 'Wanted' in Hollywood
Written by James Lamar Bolden, Sentinel Contributing Writer 26 June 2008
Common: 'Wanted' in Hollywood Giving the peace sign, Common is one of the coolest rappers in the game. About his sudden success in the movie ... read more >>
Meagan’s Good
Written by Stephanie Frederic 19 June 2008
Meagan’s Good There’s something about Meagan Good.By Stephanie Frederic Sentinel Entertainment Editor The sexy nearly 27-year ... read more >>
Hollywood Black Film Festival In Full Effect This Week
Written by Stephanie Frederic 05 June 2008
Out of the more than 100 films opening at the Hollywood Black Film Festival this week in Beverly Hills, one has captured the attention like no other. One has created that proverbial buzz and it’s ... read more >>
Jennifer Hudson
Written by Stephanie Frederic 29 May 2008
By Stephanie Frederic, Sentinel Entertainment Editor After winning an Academy Award last year for her powerful performance as “Effie” ... read more >>
Terrence Howard is Steely Companion in IRON MAN
Written by Sandra Varner, Sentinel Contributing Writer 02 May 2008
Terrence Howard is Steely Companion in IRON MAN Oscar nominated actor Terrence Howard stars as Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes, a military pilot and best friend of the billionaire industrialist ... read more >>
Cedric Still An Entertainer in "Street Kings"
Written by Alice Fuller 17 April 2008
Cedric Still An Entertainer in "Street Kings" He’s one of those neighborhood dudes. He got his hustle on, he tells the LA Sentinel. “I really didn’t do the role to be funny, ... read more >>

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Life After the Lakers...
Written by Stephanie Frederic 27 March 2008
Life After the Lakers…Actor Rick Fox Scores Again With his Breakout Role ‘Meet the Browns’By Stephanie Frederick, Sentinel Entertainment Editor You can thank fate for how the strikingly ... read more >>
Meet The (Dysfunctional) Browns: Tyler Perry’s wacky yet loveable family
Written by Sandra Varner 20 March 2008
Meet the BrownsTyler Perry’s wacky yet loveable familySandra Varner, Celebrity ProfilesThere’s no denying that playwright and filmmaker Tyler Perry knows his audience and sets out to whet ... read more >>
Oh Snap! Raven Symone’s all grown up and heading to College
Written by Stephanie Frederic 06 March 2008
Oh Snap!  Raven Symone’s all grown up and heading to College BY STEPHANIE FREDERICEntertainment EditorIt’s hard to believe that little Olivia the adorable and sweet little girl from ... read more >>
It’s Oscar Week! Will Actress Ruby Dee Win Her First Academy Award?
Written by Stephanie Frederic 22 February 2008
It's Oscar Week! Will Actress Ruby Dee Win Her First Academy Award? Days before the Oscars, the big screen legend goes one-on-one with the L.A. Sentinel By Stephanie Frederick, Sentinel ... read more >>
Queen Latifah's Celebrated Year Begins
Written by Stephanie Frederic 17 January 2008
Queen Latifah's Celebrated Year Begins A Golden Globe, A New Endorsement Deal And Some "Mad Money" by Stephanie Frederic and Kam Williams In just one week, Rapper turned actress ... read more >>
Acclaimed Actress Kimberly Elise Adds Texture and Tonality to 'Debaters'
Written by Sandra Varner (Celebrity Profiler) 03 January 2008
Kimberly Elise walks the talk. Beloved by fellow thespians and fans alike, the Minnesota-born actress captured the world stage with her breathtakingly poignant portrayal as a timid ingénue in ... read more >>
No Debate: Oprah And Denzel Deliver
Written by Stephanie Frederic 27 December 2007
 Oprah Winfrey says she always wanted to work with two-time Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington. Washington, a movie star who's been in the game for 25 years, is always looking to ... read more >>
Will Smith is Legend
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 20 December 2007
Will Smith is Legend Oscar-nominated Actor Breaking Box-office RecordsSentinel Staff WriterDec 20, 2007 11:00:00am   Will Smith's stratospheric stature ... read more >>
Great Debaters Do Justice To Black Legacy, Black Pride
Written by Sandra Varner, Celebrity Proiler 20 December 2007
Two time Academy Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington, not only stars in the film, but directs 'The Great Debaters" as well. Washington plays Wiley College professor Melvin B. TolsonArticulation, ... read more >>
Queen Latifah in the Producer’s Chair for 'Perfect Holiday'
Written by Stephanie Frederic 29 November 2007
Queen Latifah in the Producer’s Chair for 'Perfect Holiday' Queen Latifah produces, ... read more >>
Katt Williams: American Hustle
Written by Kam Williams, Sentinel Contributing Write 22 November 2007
Katt Williams is defiantly politically-incorrect. Not only is the self-professed pimp comedian profane, but he embraces the N-word at a time when most responsible members of the black community have ... read more >>
Tyler Perry To Produce Two More Movies
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 22 November 2007
Sixth And Seventh Titles In Tyler Perry Franchise To Begin Production In Spring 2008 Filmmaking phenomenon Tyler Perry has signed up to produce two more movies for Liongsgate Films. The films include, ... read more >>

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L.A.'s Own Regina King in 'This Christmas'
Written by Sandra Varner 22 November 2007
L.A. born actress Regina King with her on-screen husband Laz Alonzo in the feel good film of the holiday season, 'This Christmas'.Dressed in a form-fitting, cowl-neck sweater dress, sporting a ... read more >>
American Gangster's Ruby Dee
Written by Sandra Varner 08 November 2007
One of this year's most anticipated films is the Harlem-heyday epic, American Gangster, starring Academy Award winners: Denzel Washington (Glory, Training Day), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire), ... read more >>

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Denzel Goes Gangsta
Written by Super User 01 November 2007
RUSSELL CROWE as outcast cop Richie Roberts, Director/Producer RIDLEY SCOTT and DENZEL WASHINGTON as gangster Frank Lucas on the set of the film that tells the true juggernaut success ... read more >>
Common Has Universal Appeal
Written by Sandra Varner 25 October 2007
Rapstar Common and actor Chiwetel Ejoifor play the Lucas brothers in the upcoming film, AMERICAN GANGSTER. The movie is based on the true story of 70’s Harlem cult hero Frank Lucas. ... read more >>
Jill Scott And Janet Jackson Star In Why I Get Married!
Written by Stephanie Frederic 11 October 2007
Finding Mr. Right?  - Jill Scott and Actor Lamann Rucker share a moment in the snow in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married opening this weekend, October 12. Before ... read more >>
Terrence Howard takes over the Fall Box Office
Written by Christine Sabathia 06 September 2007
Terrence Howard is an actor well-known for exuding an intensity so immense in films such as Hustle & Flow, Crash, Pride and Ray that he was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actor in 2005. But, ... read more >>