Who Do I Want to Be?
Written by Christine Sabathia 06 September 2007
For all young girls who dream of what they one day can be, there’s a new book available of inspiring Black women from A to Z. Maria Robinson Glover has written and illustrated “Who Do I Want ... read more >>
Getting Ready for the New School Year
Written by Christine Sabathia 06 September 2007
Heading back to school can be a bit overwhelming for students starting the new academic year in a new grade level after the long summer break. There are supplies to be bought, teachers to be met, and ... read more >>
Inglewood 5th Grader Receives Letter from President
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 06 September 2007
Kennedy Hammond is a darling, precocious 10-year-old fifth grader who attends K-Anthony School in Inglewood. She is typical of many young ladies in her age range and enjoys common interests like cheerleading, ... read more >>
Back-to-School Health and Family Festival
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 30 August 2007
School Supplies, Health Screening and Fun The 9th Annual Back-to-School Health and Family Festival, one of the largest ‘Back To School’ giveaway events in the United States, sponsored ... read more >>
"No Colostomy Bag for Me, Thank You!"
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 23 August 2007
Carolyn is an energetic, attractive, 50-something Black woman with two beautiful daughters, and one granddaughter. She enjoys a successful career as an administrator with the Los Angeles Unified School ... read more >>
Healthy Lunches, Key to School Success
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 23 August 2007
School cafeterias have an indistinguishable smell... no matter what’s on the menu. The sectioned off Styrofoam or cardboard plates usually hold some kind of overcooked vegetable, a syrupy fruit ... read more >>
Back to School Safety Tips
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 23 August 2007
With the start of each new school year, students are once again rushing to be on time, parents are getting them on their way, and drivers are going about their business, but experts say that all of them ... read more >>
Expanding Opportunities
Written by Christine Sabathia 23 August 2007
Right on the heels of sending off its entire first graduating class from View Park Preparatory Charter High School to college, the Inner City Education Foundation is confident in replicating that success ... read more >>
The Mind Body Connection: Mental Health Disparities and African Americans
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 23 August 2007
“We want people to be aware that people of color are not being treated fairly when it comes to medical care,” said Linda Tyson, founder and CEO of the Kiamsha group, which is starting a series ... read more >>
Students Discuss Dropout Rate
Written by City News Service 16 August 2007
CNS - Getting an education is the key to success, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told students from the UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education and Access.Students from the program spent the day at City ... read more >>
LAUSD Schools Receive Healthy Start Grants
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 16 August 2007
The Los Angeles Unified School District has announced that Susan Miller Dorsey High School, John H. Liechty Middle School, Esperanza, Gratts and West Athens elementary schools have received a combined ... read more >>
First Grader Reads 330 Books
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 16 August 2007
Malcolm Wilson expands his mind and increases his knowledge through the power of the written wordMany of today’s children are equipped with a thirst for knowledge and a need to receive it instantly, ... read more >>
Many States Cut Off Foster Youth at 18
Written by Mark Sherman, AP 15 August 2007
AP — Anthony Pico qualifies as an expert on foster care after spending 18 years in California’s program. And he says it’s far from perfect.But staying in the system and receiving financial ... read more >>
Minorities are Majority on Transplant Waiting List
Written by SWS 09 August 2007
SWS - In observance of National Minority Donor Awareness Day, OneLegacy, the non-profit organ and tissue recovery agency serving the greater Los Angeles area, and Donate Life California, the administrators ... read more >>
University Offers Children Free Dental Check Ups
Written by City News Service 19 July 2007
CNS - With all incoming kindergartners and first graders now required by law to under go dental check ups, the USC School of Dentistry is preparing to offer free oral health assessments for children ... read more >>
Judge Grants LAUSD Arbitration Motion Regarding Charter Schools
Written by City News Service 19 July 2007
CNS - A motion by LAUSD to move a dispute between the school district and two charter school operators out of the courts and into arbitration was approved by a judge, court papers obtained Monday show.Green ... read more >>
Seeing Green
Written by Christine Sabathia 19 July 2007
Green Dot Public Schools have received a $7.8 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, bringing the organization one step closer to opening 10 new high school campuses in Watts. But ... read more >>
Students Experience Space on Earth
Written by Christine Sabathia 19 July 2007
Astronaut Bernard Harris fulfilled his childhood dream when he walked in space in 1995, becoming the first African American to accomplish such a feat. This summer, he is giving minority children the ... read more >>
Diabetes Drug Side Effect Reports Triple
Written by Associated Press 19 July 2007
AP - In the month after a surprising analysis revealed possible heart risks from the blockbuster diabetes drug Avandia, reports of side effects to federal regulators tripled.The sudden spike is a sign ... read more >>
Health Interview Survey Reveals California's State of Health Insurance
Written by City News Service 19 July 2007
CNS - Fewer Californians are receiving health insurance through their employers at a time when more children are being enrolled in public insurance programs, according to a UCLA study released July 11.Twenty ... read more >>
A Serious and Dangerous Shortage of Health Care Workers
Written by Les Kimber 19 July 2007
Not long ago, I visited an elderly friend who had been hospitalized following a stroke. I watched his medical team come and go. There were a large number of them, starting with his doctors and nurses. ... read more >>
Schools to Re-Examine Racial Integration
Written by Nancy Zuckerbrod, Associated Press 05 July 2007
AP — What to do now? School officials around the country are asking that question following a Supreme Court decision rejecting racial integration plans in Seattle and Louisville, Ky. The 5-4 ruling ... read more >>
"WHY...Husbands Kill Their Wives..." Examines the Root Causes of Domestic Violence in America
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 13 June 2007
O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake.... all accused of murdering the women they vowed to love, cherish and protect. What causes this apparent epidemic of violence among couples in today’s ... read more >>
Dad Struggles to be Parent Again
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 13 June 2007
Father’s Day won’t greet him with breakfast in bed, a horrendously colored tie, loud aftershave or a fake watch. Robert Brackeen is still struggling, he said, to take care of children he ... read more >>
FDA Set to OK Period Suppression Pill
Written by Linda A. Johnson 23 May 2007
Women looking for a simple way to avoid their menstrual period could soon have access the first birth control pill designed to let women suppress monthly bleeding indefinitely.The U.S. Food and Drug ... read more >>