Monday, March 30, 2015
Black Women Endure Menopause Longest
Written by lain a Johnson, Special to the NNPA from Howard University News Service 26 February 2015
(File photo) WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Sarah Finney, 57, said she gets hot flashes throughout her body at least once an hour.   She even wakes up in the night with so much perspiration that she looks ... read more >>
Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 19 February 2015
      This is a two part article; in this issue we will give you the first 5 reasons. Look, next week, for the second 5 reasons so that you can learn how to live healthier and longer.   Most people ... read more >>
Emotional Eating
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 23 January 2015
  Do you feel anxious, depressed or saddened?  Do you have a lack of interest or often feel empty?   Do these feelings result in you turning to food for support? Unfortunately, emotional eating ... read more >>
Jay Jones the Fitness Minister
Written by Amen Oyiboke, Staff Writer 22 January 2015
‘Fitness Inspiration Not Intimidation’    Jay Jones believes a mental transformation will lead to a conscious restoration of a better life. (Courtesy photo)    The New Year has started and many ... read more >>
Running from the Flu? CDU Alum Dr. John Uyanne Explains Infectious Diseases
Written by Isidra Person-Lynn, MA Communications Specialist 16 January 2015
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ...
7 Natural Ways to Treat Gout & Arthritis
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 08 January 2015
      Gout is an arthritic condition that causes pain, swelling and sever joint inflammation. The pain is caused by high uric acid levels in the blood. Uric acid is a byproduct of digestion and metabolism ... read more >>
Ten Steps to Cut Calories
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 04 December 2014
      Step 1. Switch to low-fat or non-fat dairy products: The best source of calcium is found in milk and milk products. Calcium is needed to keep bones strong.  However, these products can ... read more >>
HIV/AIDS Activists Push for More Funding to Address HIV/AIDS Stigma
Written by Freddie Allen, NNPA Senior Washington Correspondent 28 November 2014
 Douglas Brooks, the director of the Office of National AIDS Policy at the White House, delivers his keynote address at the International Conference on Stigma in Washington, D.C. (Freddie Allen/NNPA) WASHINGTON ... read more >>
Dealing with Overactive Bladder
Written by Amen Oyiboke, Staff Writer 27 November 2014
Latrice Cowell tells her story about not being embarrassed of her OAB diagnosis 50 year-old Latrice Cowell has dealt with overactive bladder for two decades.(Courtesy of Latrice Cowel) Overactive Bladder ... read more >>
Eating to Live
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 06 November 2014
       The greatest population growth in the United States is people over the age 90. Currently, medical research is focusing on this population to try to determine what factors cause people 90 ... read more >>
HIV testing at Taste of Soul
Written by Charlene Muhammad, Contributing Writer 31 October 2014
Aids Healthcare Foundation came out to support the 9th Annual Taste of Soul Family Festival  Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate Blacks account for almost half ... read more >>
3rd Annual Compton Walk for a Cure
Written by Sentinel News Service 30 October 2014
In this photo, Chanel, CUSD Vice President Satra Zurita, Armani, Councilwoman Emeritus Delores Zurita and First District Councilwoman Janna Zurita who collectively have over 85 years of service to the ... read more >>
County Healthcare Workers Prepare for Ebola
Written by City News Service (CNS) 23 October 2014
As health care workers at UCLA and other hospitals prepare for the possibility of treating a patient infected with Ebola, the state issued a series of workplace guidelines recently aimed at preventing ... read more >>
VIDEO: Sabriya's Castle Blood Drive Recap
Written by Aaron Brumfield 10 October 2014
NQLRWxVZT2Q watch video >>
VIDEO: Helping Children with Sickle Cell Disease
Written by Sentinel Wire Services 11 September 2014
qloQeTIrEpk watch video >>
VIDEO: Tony Cornelius hosts National Suicide Prevention Week Kick Off event
Written by Zon D'Amour 10 September 2014
NgQ5mCqvuno     watch video >>
A Bridge of Hope
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 08 September 2014
Misty Williams Marshall started the Misty Melony Sickle Cell Disease Foundation, a non-profit, to help those suffering with sickle cell. Sickle cell organization aims to make sure patients continue ... read more >>
We are all healers!
Written by Dr. David Martins, CDU 25 July 2014
  CDU’s Dr. David M. Martins Advocates Healing Disease with Compassion   Dr. David Martins, well known in the Los Angeles area for his work at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and ... read more >>
World-Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Keith L. Black Warns of Alzheimer’s “Tsunami”
Written by Sentinel News Service 20 March 2014
Elder Patton and Cynthia Davis/CDU with Dr. Keith Black Offers prevention tips for higher risk African American community Your mom forgets her keys—more often than you care to remember. ... read more >>
Charles R. Drew University Trained Cardiologist Dr. George Marks Shares Tips for a Healthy Heart
Written by Sentinel News Service 20 February 2014
  Dr. George Marks “On my mother’s side, we have longevity,” said Dr. George L. Marks, Jr., Lead Physician in the Division of Cardiology at the Martin Luther King Multi-service Ambulatory Care ... read more >>
2014 Health Challenge: Diet and Health Part 5
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 30 January 2014
DIET and HEALTH PART 5 BE TRUE TO YOURSELF There I was enjoying a party when a reader approached me to complain about the one week diet plan. The complaint was that she tried the plan and gained 3 ... read more >>
"Pamper Me Day" for Transitional Men and Women
Written by Sentinel Wire Services 29 January 2014
MEDIA ADVISORY "Pamper Me Day" for Transitional Men and Women Women of Color Entrepreneur Directory (W.O.C.E.D.) is hosting "Pamper Me Day" for local homeless men and women that are currently living ... read more >>
Top Ten For Fighting The Bug
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 23 January 2014
Here are some simple ways you can keep the sickness away or at least hurt it really bad. Well, unfortunately, as with every year, we’re in the cold and flu season and you probably know a few people ... read more >>
Healthcare Insurance Enrollment and Wellness Fair
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 16 January 2014
Health and Wellness Centers will be holding a fair to help improve health and enroll the community in health plans. On Saturday, January 25, from 9am-2pm, To Help Everyone Health and Wellness Centers ... read more >>
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 09 January 2014
DIET and HEALTH PART 3   This time of year is a great time to focus on your health.  Your choice of diet is the most important choice you can make. Scientific studies have confirmed the benefits ... read more >>

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