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4 Patients Get HIV From Organ Donor
Written by Associated Press 22 November 2007
A troubling case in which a high-risk organ donor infected four patients with the AIDS virus and hepatitis has led medical ethicists to warn that patients need to know more about whose organs they’re ... read more >>
Diabetes Drug to Warn of Risk to Heart
Written by Associated Press 22 November 2007
AP - The government slapped a prominent, though confusing, warning on the popular diabetes drug Avandia on Wednesday—telling patients that it may, or may not, increase the risk of heart attacks. ... read more >>
Thankful for a Second Chance
Written by Christine Sabathia 22 November 2007
There’s no better gift than that of life, and to be given a second chance is an opportunity for which one Jacob Ramsey is absolutely thankful. After losing his wife, home and “mind” ... read more >>
Lack of Sleep May Lead to Fatter Kids
Written by Associated Press 08 November 2007
AP - Here’s another reason to get the kids to bed early: More sleep may lower their risk of becoming obese. Researchers have found that every additional hour per night a third-grader spends sleeping ... read more >>
Centinela Hospital Changes Hands
Written by City News Service 08 November 2007
CNS - An Inland Empire-based company has purchased the struggling Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood, which has seen a sharp rise in emergency patients since Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor ... read more >>
Faster Heart Care: How One State Did It
Written by Associated Press 08 November 2007
AP - In an ideal world, every heart attack would end like Willard “Ziggy” Hill’s. Within 90 minutes of arriving at a small community hospital in North Carolina, he was having a blocked ... read more >>
AIDS Project Los Angeles Elects Seven Community Leaders to Board of Directors
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 01 November 2007
New Members Include a Mayor, Judge, Clinic Director and Entertainment ExecutivesAIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) recently announced the election of seven new members to its board of directors, drawn from ... read more >>
Medical Researchers Urged to Speed Up Vaccine's Safety Investigations
Written by City News Service 01 November 2007
CNS - The Oral Cancer Foundation is urging medical researchers to speed up investigations on the safety of a vaccine for a sexually transmitted virus that it said causes cancer of the mouth.The foundation’s ... read more >>
Cold Medicines for Children Scrutinized
Written by Associated Press 25 October 2007
AP - A further shakeup in the marketplace for cold and cough medicines used billions of times each year in treating the youngest children is likely, as government health advisers weigh options from an ... read more >>
Health Deal Sought After Veto Upheld
Written by Associated Press 25 October 2007
AP - The Democratic-controlled House failed to override President Bush’s veto of a politically popular children’s health bill, and the White House instantly called for compromise talks on ... read more >>
Adolescent Medicine: Report from the National Medical Association
Written by Wilbert C. Jordan, M.D. 11 October 2007
The National Medical Association is the organization that represented the interests of the 35,000 Black physicians in the USA. It is over 100 years old, and was founded because there was a time when ... read more >>
Parks Brings Health Fair Services to Leimert Park
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 04 October 2007
Francis Taylor/Sentinel Photo Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade staff members Maybelline Saintjulien, Pat Bennett, and Will Harris were on-hand to provide information and screening for Hepatitis ... read more >>
"No Colostomy Bag for Me, Thank You!"
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 23 August 2007
Carolyn is an energetic, attractive, 50-something Black woman with two beautiful daughters, and one granddaughter. She enjoys a successful career as an administrator with the Los Angeles Unified School ... read more >>
The Mind Body Connection: Mental Health Disparities and African Americans
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 23 August 2007
“We want people to be aware that people of color are not being treated fairly when it comes to medical care,” said Linda Tyson, founder and CEO of the Kiamsha group, which is starting a series ... read more >>
Minorities are Majority on Transplant Waiting List
Written by SWS 09 August 2007
SWS - In observance of National Minority Donor Awareness Day, OneLegacy, the non-profit organ and tissue recovery agency serving the greater Los Angeles area, and Donate Life California, the administrators ... read more >>
University Offers Children Free Dental Check Ups
Written by City News Service 19 July 2007
CNS - With all incoming kindergartners and first graders now required by law to under go dental check ups, the USC School of Dentistry is preparing to offer free oral health assessments for children ... read more >>
Diabetes Drug Side Effect Reports Triple
Written by Associated Press 19 July 2007
AP - In the month after a surprising analysis revealed possible heart risks from the blockbuster diabetes drug Avandia, reports of side effects to federal regulators tripled.The sudden spike is a sign ... read more >>
Health Interview Survey Reveals California's State of Health Insurance
Written by City News Service 19 July 2007
CNS - Fewer Californians are receiving health insurance through their employers at a time when more children are being enrolled in public insurance programs, according to a UCLA study released July 11.Twenty ... read more >>
"WHY...Husbands Kill Their Wives..." Examines the Root Causes of Domestic Violence in America
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 13 June 2007
O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake.... all accused of murdering the women they vowed to love, cherish and protect. What causes this apparent epidemic of violence among couples in today’s ... read more >>
FDA Set to OK Period Suppression Pill
Written by Linda A. Johnson 23 May 2007
Women looking for a simple way to avoid their menstrual period could soon have access the first birth control pill designed to let women suppress monthly bleeding indefinitely.The U.S. Food and Drug ... read more >>
Sign up today for the 'Gift of Life Program' set for April 21
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 18 April 2007
Global Cardio Care’s founder Sara Soulati will hold a ‘Live Life’ seminar on Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m. to noon in Inglewood. This health for peace seminar promises to provide EECP, ... read more >>
Ninety-Year-Old Abused by L.A. County Guardians, Daughter Alleges
Written by By Jennifer Bihm, Sentinel Staff Writer 05 April 2007
This year, January 31 was the last straw for Helen Henson Jr. That day her namesake- her 90-year-old mother Helen Henson Sr. was admitted to Little Company of Mary's emergency room in Torrance with ... read more >>
Road to Health Expo
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 28 March 2007
Tavis Smiley is saving lives. His “Road to Health” Expo and Tour, which hits Los Angeles this weekend helping communities of color develop healthier lifestyles, has made a big difference in ... read more >>
Key to Good Health is All in Your Head
Written by ARA 22 March 2007
Although exercise routines tend to focus on improving areas below the neck, studies have shown that activities we do to shrink our waistlines can be influential--or even detrimental--to the health and ... read more >>

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