L.A. Transit board approves cuts to bus service
Written by Sentinel News Service 01 April 2011
The Associated PressThe Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority board has approved cuts to city bus service in an effort to balance its budget. City News Service says the board voted Thursday, ... read more >>
He is Still the Greatest!
Written by Sentinel News Service 01 April 2011
A new sculpture of Muhammad Ali A new sculpture of boxing great Muhammad Ali goes on display Friday in downtown Los Angeles. It's a two-dimensional depiction of Ali's face. The nearly three-story high ... read more >>
Percy Pinkney’s Birthday Bash
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 01 April 2011
Left to Right: Bill Duke, Roy Willis, Mike Smith, Percy Pinkney, Robert RooksBy Allison Arnold & Beata DragaRecord numbers of supporters and friends turned out to celebrate the birthday of Percy Pinkney, ... read more >>
Dr. Jones predicated to win council seat
Written by Anton Bailey 01 April 2011
Assemblyman Isadore Hall and Councilman Dr. Willie Jones Compton's Business to Business RoundtableBy Anton BlakelyCompton, CA- 4th District Councilman Dr. Willie O. Jones, and Assemblyman Isadore Hall, ... read more >>
Appointed CEO, DR. Curry Comes “Straight Outta Compton’
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 01 April 2011
As CEO of Compton Community College, Dr. Keith Curry is in a unique position to make the college 'whole' again, academicallyBy Yussuf J. SimmondsSentinel Managing EditorAnn Marie Garten, Director Community ... read more >>
What is the State of Black America?
Written by Sentinel News Service 31 March 2011
Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League The National Urban League has been focusing on that question since 1976 and in 2011, the issue is jobsNational Urban League ReportOn March 29th the ... read more >>
Parks, the Undisputed Councilman of 8th District
Written by Sentinel News Service 31 March 2011
Lookin' Like a $Million, Parks wins again; this time it's officialWith his third and final term as the Representative for the Eighth District now in hand, Los Angeles City Councilmember Bernard C. Parks ... read more >>
Poetry Contest Winners!
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 31 March 2011
Here are the winners of the Sentinel’s Black History Poetry Contest: Brunei Terrell, Stevee Asberry, Myra Carter, Taloni Crawford and Christina Anderson. Each of these young ladies displayed talent, ... read more >>
Will CBC and Black Leaders Stick with Obama?
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 31 March 2011
The President is walking a slippery slope on the healthcare reform, jobs and war.Yussuf J. SimmondsSentinel Managing EditorA year ago when President Barack Obama signed the landmark legislation known as ... read more >>
Report: Black Homicides Up in NYC
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 27 March 2011
By Cyril Josh Barker, Special to the NNPA from the New York Amsterdam NewsHomicides increased in New York City and murders among Blacks went up in 2010, according to the NYPD. The information was published ... read more >>
Japan Infrastructure
Written by Julianne Malveaux (NNPA Columnist) 25 March 2011
By Julianne MalveauxNNPA ColumnistI am among the many who are stilled, freighted, and challenged by the tsunami and nuclear power breakdown in Japan. The tragedy raises all kinds of questions including ... read more >>
New Zimbabwe Law Draws a Bead on Coke
Written by Special to the NNPA from the Global Information Network 25 March 2011
Special to the NNPA from the Global Information NetworkOpposition critics in Zimbabwe are lambasting a government takeover threat announced by President Robert Mugabe of close to 800 companies who fail ... read more >>
Experts Meet to Discuss Challenges Facing Mosquito Control in the U.S.
Written by Sentinel News Service 25 March 2011
The severe impacts of meeting new regulatory costs are topics of widespread discussion at the annual meeting of the American Mosquito Control Association this week in Anaheim. These new costs are a result ... read more >>
Arab League Backs No-Fly Zone Over Wartorn Libya
Written by Special to NNPA from Global Information Network 25 March 2011
Amr Moussa Special to the NNPA from the Global Information NetworkPunishing air strikes and fierce shelling from forces loyal to embattled Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi have roused the Arab League to ... read more >>
How to survive a “Big One”…
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 24 March 2011
In an instant, a normal, routine day can turn into fighting for your life. A natural disaster can happen at any time. Are you prepared to survive a natural catastrophe?Be Ready!By Brian W. Carter, Sentinel ... read more >>
Black Empowerment in South Africa has been ‘Hijacked’, Charges former Union Leader
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 24 March 2011
J. Naidoo Special to the NNPA from the Global Information NetworkA program intended to undo the evils of apartheid by training and promoting qualified Blacks into corporate jobs is drawing fire from some ... read more >>
Ban Schools with Poor Graduation Rates from NCAA Tournament
Written by Perry Green (Special to the NNPA from the AFRO – American newspaper) 24 March 2011
Education Sec. Duncan Focuses on Schools with less than 50% Rates—Notes Particularly Black PlayersBy Perry GreenSpecial to the NNPA from the AFRO-American newspapersIf a school can’t keep at least ... read more >>
Tuskegee Airmen Dies at 97
Written by Special to NNPA from the New Pittsburgh Courier 24 March 2011
Special to the NNPA from the New Pittsburgh Courier As a member of one of the most prestigious military units, the Tuskegee Airmen, Henry Dawson McCullough, of Point Breeze, was laid to rest last week ... read more >>
Story Corps Returns to Los Angeles
Written by Sentinel News Service 24 March 2011
Partners with 89.3 KPCC to record stories of local African American residentsStoryCorps, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to recording, preserving, and sharing the stories of Americans from ... read more >>
Warren Christopher Passers
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 24 March 2011
Mayor Bradley called on him after the'92 Civil Unrest to lead the commission that sparked the LAPD reforms, which helped to produce the more community-responsive force that is in place today. Yussuf J. ... read more >>
Thousands Attend Homegoing for Dr. Billy Ingram
Written by Cora Jackson – Fossett (Religion Editor) 24 March 2011
Family members of Dr. Billy G. Ingram paying tribute in his honor. Photo by Marty Cotwright By Cora Jackson-FossettSentinel Religion Editorcora@lasentinel.netNearly 5,000 people celebrated the life and ... read more >>
Bernice Woods Dies at 86
Written by Dr. Paulette Douglas 24 March 2011
Dr. Bernice Woods, the Shining Eastern Star She was a towering figure in Compton, on the city council, the school board, a gentle giant of Black womanhood and a living legend.By Dr. Paulette DouglasBernice ... read more >>
Aristide Returns to Haiti
Written by Ben Fox and Trenton Daniel (Associated Press) 24 March 2011
Jean Bertrand Aristide lands in Haiti After a seven-year exile, Haiti's former leader, Jean Bertrand Aristide, returned to a warm welcome ... by some ... and not so warm by others.AP Story by Ben Fox and ... read more >>
Black Press Calls for Pardon for Wilmington 10
Written by Dr. Benjamin Chavis (NNPA Contributor) 24 March 2011
Dr. Benjamin Chavis, one of the Wilmington 10 Dorothy R. Leavell, Chairperson of the NNPA Foundation, holds up the mouse pad that NNPA Publishers have been asked to keep next to their computer as they ... read more >>
Black Press Week Commemorates the Founding of Freedom’s Journal
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 24 March 2011
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) and Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (third from left) helped commemorate Black Press Week during the CBC/Black Press Week breakfast. He is joined in photo by Rep. ... read more >>