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Sharpton Vows to ‘Close this City’ After Officer Acquittals
Written by Verena Dobnik 01 May 2008
Hundreds of angry people marched through Harlem on Saturday after the Rev. Al Sharpton promised to “close the city down” to protest the acquittals of three police detectives in the 50-shot ... read more >>
Few States Allow Overseas Troops to Vote by E-mail
Written by Associated Press 01 May 2008
AP - U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan can speak to their families by Web camera and fight insurgents using sophisticated electronic warfare. Yet when it comes to voting, most troops are stuck in ... read more >>
NYPD Officers Cleared in Killing; Rights Leaders Want Probe
Written by TOM HAYS, Associated Press 25 April 2008
Civil rights leaders demanded a federal investigation and vowed to march through the streets in protest after three police officers were cleared of all charges Friday in the killing of an unarmed man ... read more >>

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Detroit Mayor Pleads Not Guilty and Plans To Fight Charges
Written by Brandon I. Brooks (Managing Editor) 25 March 2008
Surrounded by his legal team Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick listens to Magistrate Steve Lockhart at 36th District Court in downtown Detroit on Tuesday March 25, 2008. (ERIC SEALS/DFP) Kwame Kilpatrick ... read more >>
Detroit Mayor, Former Aide, Charged With Perjury, Mayor's Lawyer Says Will Be Exonerated
Written by COREY WILLIAMS, Associated Press 24 March 2008
DETROIT (AP) -- Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with perjury and other offenses Monday - and got a stern lecture about the importance of telling the truth - after a trove of raunchy text messages contradicted ... read more >>
New York’s First Black Governor
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 20 March 2008
David A. Paterson has ascended to the governorship of New York to become the first African American of the Empire State and the second presently in the nation. David Alexander Paterson was sworn in as ... read more >>
Barack Obama Shows America What it Means to be Presidential
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 20 March 2008
In what many called his make-or-break moment the Senator stood strong on race, faith and friendship Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama stood at the podium with American flags as his backdrop, ... read more >>
Obama and Clinton - The Battle Continues
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 06 March 2008
By Yussuf J. Simmonds, Sentinel Assistant Managing Editor By Jennifer Bihm, Sentinel Staff writer The Democratic primary continues; Obama is still ahead in pledged delegates. Clinton won Ohio, Rhode ... read more >>
The State of Black America
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 28 February 2008
Thanking C-Span for airing the forum for nine years, talk show host and author Tavis Smiley presented the annual State of the Black Union beginning February 22 in New Orleans. Reclaiming our Democracy, ... read more >>

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PTA's First Black National CEO to Retire
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 14 February 2008
After more than 35 years of taking action for children and leading the charge to build stronger family-school-community partnerships across the country, Warlene Gary plans to retire as the chief executive ... read more >>
Super Tuesday Won't Decide Nominations
Written by Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press 31 January 2008
 AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezTwo women vote in the California primary at an early drop-in voting site in San Francisco, Friday, Jan. 18, 2008. Presidential candidates are turning cartwheels to lock ... read more >>

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Clinton and Obama: Super Tuesday
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 31 January 2008
Senator Barack Obama scored a decisive victory in South Carolina’s primary against Senator Hillary Clinton. Then he picked up endorsements from two members of the Kennedy family.   “Yes ... read more >>
Youth Involvement Making Difference in 2008 Presidential Campaign
Written by Paul Edward Hamilton, NNPA 24 January 2008
Young voters, along with everyone else, are by now very familiar with all the leading contenders in both the Democratic and Republican Presidential campaigns, with many getting intricately involved in ... read more >>
Xernona Clayton Sounds the Trumpet
Written by Christine Sabathia 24 January 2008
Fifteen years ago, Xernona Clayton conceived of the idea to highlight the positive stories of African Americans who had been left out of history. She wanted to tell those stories of the men and women ... read more >>
Alpha Kappa Alpha Celebrates 100th Birthday
Written by Jahmese Fort, Sentinel Intern 17 January 2008
In 1908, only one generation removed from slavery and during the years preceding WWI, the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Great Depression, a group of intelligent, forward thinking, and socially ... read more >>
Head Start Programs Expand Across U.S.
Written by NNPA 10 January 2008
NNPA - President Bush has signed into law a reauthorization of Head Start, the education program that gives low-income children a boost before beginning Kindergarten. The bill, sponsored by Michigan ... read more >>
Iowa’s Big Lesson: Stick to the Basics
Written by Mike Glover 10 January 2008
AP - After all the campaigns’ sophisticated media tactics and high-tech maneuvering, Iowa voters offered the presidential candidates a version of Politics 101: In this state, stick to the basics. ... read more >>
Civil Rights Revisited
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 10 January 2008
If Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were alive today, he would be looking forward to his 79th birthday on January 15. Many have attempted over the years to ponder how he would feel and what he would ... read more >>
Hillary Proves Why She Can’t Be Counted Out
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 10 January 2008
She rebounds with a narrow victory over Obama in New Hampshire In an extraordinary display of political moxie, Senator Hillary Clinton proved that she definitely cannot be counted out. Displaying ... read more >>
Congresswoman Julia Carson Dies
Written by Associated Press 15 December 2007
Carson's death came three weeks after she announced she had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and followed years of health troubles. She said days later that she would not run next year for ... read more >>
Obama Surges to Presidential Lead
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 06 December 2007
Most of the presidential candidates have unique ways of conveying their messages to the people—the potential voters—including Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois. Now, ... read more >>
FEMA Closes Post-Katrina Trailer Parks
Written by Becky Bohrer, Associated Press 06 December 2007
 AP - Dozens of Hurricane Katrina victims still living in FEMA trailer parks had to find new housing by Nov. 30, as the agency worked to shutter the temporary facilities it set up after the 2005 ... read more >>
Redskins' Taylor Dies After Shooting
Written by Associated Press 29 November 2007
MIAMI - Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor died Tuesday after he was shot in his home by an apparent intruder, leaving the Washington Redskins in mourning for a teammate who seemed to have reordered his life ... read more >>
NAACP-National Urban League: A House Divided During War for Equal Justice
Written by Hazel Trice Edney 22 November 2007
NNPA - On the eve of yet another national march for racial justice last week, the NAACP and the National Urban League appear strangely on opposite sides of an important case of alleged racial injustice. ... read more >>
Md. Court Rejects Sniper's Appeal
Written by By Kristen Wyatt 08 November 2007
AP - Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad does not deserve a new trial in Maryland, a state appeals court ruled Monday (Nov. 5) in a sharply worded unanimous decision that compared Muhammad to ... read more >>

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