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Six Reaccreditations at Florida A&M
Written by Courtney Henderson, Special to the NNPA from the Capital Outlook 31 July 2008
It has been a year since Dr. James H. Ammons came to Florida A&M University and took over as president. Six degree programs at FAMU that were in trouble have now all been reaccredited under Ammons’ ... read more >>
Congressional Black Caucus Lauds Commission to Engage African Americans on Climate Change
Written by Sentinel News Service 31 July 2008
Congresswoman Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (D-MI), Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) supports the formation of the Commission to Engage African Americans on Climate Change. “Climate change ... read more >>
Congress Expected to Pass Till Bill
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 24 July 2008
The United States Congress is expected to pass The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act, legislation that would authorize funding for the Justice department to hire investigators to solve civil ... read more >>
Rift Grows Between Martin Luther King Jr.’s Children, Climaxing with Recent Lawsuit
Written by Associated Press 24 July 2008
For years, they were the picture of solidarity: the four children of Martin Luther King Jr. carrying on the legacy of the civil rights icon. But a lawsuit over how their father’s estate is ... read more >>
McCain Received ‘Polite’ Reception After Twice Snubbing NAACP
Written by Zenitha Prince Special to the NNPA from the Afro-American Newspapers 24 July 2008
“I am a candidate that seeks your vote and hopes to earn it,” Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain told members of the NAACP’s 99th convention July 16. “But whether ... read more >>
New baggy pants law in Chicago suburb
Written by Associated Press 24 July 2008
Can’t show more than 3 inches of underwear in public AP - Be careful if you have saggy pants in the south Chicago suburb of Lynwood. Village leaders have passed an ordinance that would levy ... read more >>
Amid Withdrawal Talk, Obama Expected to Meet with Commanders of Iraq War He Long Has Opposed
Written by Brian Murphy, Associated Press 24 July 2008
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s visit to Iraq for talks with commanders of a war he long opposed follows the prime minister’s apparent endorsement of his troop withdrawal plan ... read more >>
Mississippi Remains Most Obese State, CDC Reports
Written by Mike Stobbe, Associated Press 24 July 2008
By Mike Stobbe, Associated Press The South tips the scales again as the nation’s fattest region, according to a new government survey. More than 30 percent of adults in Mississippi, Alabama ... read more >>
Sign of Katrina Fatigue? Storm Memorial Delayed
Written by John Moreno Gonzales, Associated Press 17 July 2008
Between acres of aboveground tombs that are this marshy city’s way to inter the dead, there is a strip of land that is an empty tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Unknown to most in ... read more >>

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Community Forum Discusses Impact of HIV/AIDS Among Black Women
Written by Myra Blackburn, Sentinel Intern 17 July 2008
 Myra Blackburn for L.A. SentinelHealth Advocates discussed the HIV/ AIDS epidemic that continues to devastate Black women within the community on Friday, July 11 at the New Orleans Vieux Carre ... read more >>
Genes from Middle East Families Yield Autism Clues
Written by Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press 17 July 2008
Harvard researchers have discovered half a dozen new genes involved in autism that suggest the disorder strikes in a brain that can’t properly form new connections. The findings also may help ... read more >>
Granholm, Kilpatrick Showdown Soon?
Written by Patrick Keating, Special to the NNPA from the Michigan Chronicle 10 July 2008
Michigan compiled law (MCL) 168.327 reads, in part, “The governor shall remove all city officers chosen by the electors of a city or any ward or voting district of a city, when the governor is ... read more >>
U. S. May Expand Security Role in Oil-Rich Nigeria
Written by Special to the NNPA from GIN 10 July 2008
Nigerian government officials are welcoming a wider U.S. role in the oil-rich Niger Delta where members of an insurgent group have attacked oil flow stations and staged kidnappings in an effort to ... read more >>

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Governor Signs Bill Requiring Notaries to Verify Identification
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 10 July 2008
Assemblyman Mike Davis announced Tuesday that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed AB 2452 (Davis) which addresses criminal and negligent behavior by notaries public that contribute to the problem ... read more >>
Oil Prices Drop But is it Temporary?
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 10 July 2008
Gas prices are still high, but hope could be on the horizon... if we are lucky. Oil prices fell more than $9 a barrel after July 4th weekend, down to $136 a barrel. Iran’s president downplayed ... read more >>
Parole Sought in 1964 Murder with Racial Backdrop
Written by By Bob Johnson, Associated Press 03 July 2008
The crime—a pregnant White newlywed raped and murdered, the chief suspect a Black escapee from a chain gang—jolted residents of north Alabama’s Jackson County in 1964. The wanted ... read more >>
Program in Iraq Against al-Qaida Faces Uncertainty
Written by Hamza Hendawi, Associated Press 03 July 2008
Capt. David N. Simms wanted the tribal sheiks to have no doubts—the $500,000 his unit spends every month to pay and equip local tribesmen to keep peace here will soon run out and they had better ... read more >>
Newspapers, Reeling from Slumping Ads, Slash Jobs
Written by Seth Sutel, Associated Press 03 July 2008
Even for an industry awash in bad news, the newspaper business went through one of its most severe retrenchments in recent memory last week. Half a dozen newspapers said they would slash payrolls, one ... read more >>
Maryland Elects First Black Woman to Congress
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 June 2008
LANHAM, MD. - Democratic lawyer and non-profit executive Donna Edwards won a special election Tuesday to become Maryland’s first black woman elected to Congress. Edwards beat Republican Peter James ... read more >>
Zimbabwe Elections Take High Human Toll
Written by Angus Shaw, Associated Press 26 June 2008
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said Sunday that his decision to withdraw from this week’s presidential runoff was motivated by the “orgy of violence” including rape, torture, murder ... read more >>
NAACP Opens Fire on State University’s All-White Cabinet
Written by NNPA via the Richmond Free Press 26 June 2008
The Virginia NAACP is demanding that Virginia Commonwealth “diversify” its all-White cabinet with “all due speed.” In a press release faxed to the Free Press on Tuesday evening, ... read more >>

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Soul Train Franchise Sold
Written by Stephanie Frederic 19 June 2008
Soul Train may not have reached the end of the line after all, It was confirmed this week that Don Cornelius, the founder of the hit TV show, has sold the franchise to a production company called, ... read more >>
The Power of the Youth
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 19 June 2008
Why the 18-35 year old voting demographic matters more than ever By Niele Anderson Sentinel Religion Editor By Evan Barnes Sentinel Staff Writer Each generation has events that force them to be actively ... read more >>
The Black AIDS Crisis - Time to Turn Words into Action
Written by Phill Wilson 19 June 2008
Black America’s response to the AIDS crisis is finally gaining momentum. More Black people than ever before know someone with HIV/AIDS and/or are talking about it. In light of this progress, it ... read more >>
Washington University Recognizes World Sickle Cell Expert
Written by Sandra Jordan 19 June 2008
St. Louis native Michael R. DeBaun, a renowned physician at Children’s Hospital St. Louis, was recently named the first Ferring Family Chair in Pediatric Cancer and Related Disorders at Washington ... read more >>

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