Emergency Health Services for the Underserved vs. Paris Hilton and Sheriff Baca
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick 27 June 2007
I didn’t give it any thought when my boss asked me to attend the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s meeting on his behalf to discuss the possible closure of King-Drew—-no I’m ... read more >>
OK, Danny, Let's Talk!
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 27 June 2007
Last week in your column, Talk to Danny, you pointed out that you have been one of the most ardent supporters of the King Drew Medical Center. You said, while you greatly admire some of the people associated ... read more >>
#1 in Urban Crises
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 21 June 2007
On the basketball court, where the rules are known, the goals are the same height at both ends, and the playing field is level, African-Americans once again showed play “above the rim.” ... read more >>
Bold Brazen Bratton! (Will the Chief Cancel the Council?)
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 13 June 2007
It appears to many that Bratton’s brazen actions in defying the City Council knows no boundaries. Some say he already has the Police Commission and watchdog Inspector General André Birotte ... read more >>
Criticism of Sheriff Lee Baca and Incarceration of Paris Hilton Unfair
Written by Byron Smith 13 June 2007
I worked within a judge’s office for six years and I know that the condemnation of Sheriff Lee Baca by media personalities and local and national activists for releasing Paris Hilton is unwarranted. ... read more >>
Black Babies in California Die
Written by Karen Bass 07 June 2007
California babies are dying. With the infant mortality rate mirroring that of a third world country, the community has cause for alarm. In California, nearly triple the number of African American infants ... read more >>
Why I Won't Be Moving Next Door to Rapper Cam'ron
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick 03 May 2007
Now I can understand wanting to keep your distance from the police. Not a problem, I know there continues to be questionable issues with the police and Blacks. But I draw the line at using a "code ... read more >>
From Partnerships to Ownership: Promoting a Culture of Change in the Media
Written by Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick 03 May 2007
I was one of a small delegation of leaders who met with executives at NBC and CBS. During both meetings, we discussed the dire need for increased dialogue and the importance of constructing meaningful ... read more >>
Beneath The Spin
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 19 April 2007
It goes without saying that Don Imus got just what he deserved for his unconscionable slander of the beautiful and classy young ladies on the Rutgers basketball team.  But just as unconscionable ... read more >>
Why Imus Won't Be Fired, Despite Racial Comments
Written by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, (Blacknews.com) 10 April 2007
The reaction was swift and justifiably angry to shock jock Don Imus’s latest racistcrack that the Rutgers women’s basketball players were nappy headed ‘hos’ (An evenmore curious ... read more >>
Fox News doesn't care about Black people, does the Congressional Black Caucus?
Written by By James Rucker 29 March 2007
What would you say if someone told you that Black members of Congress were planning to host a presidential debate with a TV network that likens Black churches to cults, implies that U.S. Senator Barack ... read more >>