Monday, April 20, 2015
Written by Larry Aubry 13 March 2014
                                                                                           President Obama’s ...
Written by Larry Aubry 06 March 2014
  The 21st century poses increasingly daunting challenges for Black Americans. Therefore,   renewed principled leadership is required for sustainable solutions to current problems. Blacks’ individualistic ... read more >>
Peace on Earth
Written by Nicole Williams 09 January 2014
One of the goals or themes of the holiday season is peace.  Many of the songs and traditions of the season reflect the idea of peace.  Peace on earth, goodwill toward man and so on.  So like many, I ... read more >>
Our Environment and Our Economy
Written by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III 09 January 2014
  With the adoption of AB 32, the state’s Global Warming Solution Act, California confirmed its role as a leader in addressing the challenges of climate change.   Now as we move from the rulemaking ... read more >>
Annual Founder’s Kwanzaa Message: Celebrating and Living Kwanzaa- Sowing and Harvesting Seeds of Good
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 27 December 2013
Each season and celebration of Kwanzaa reaffirms our commitment as African people to create, celebrate and sustain good in the world. For rightly conceived, the celebration of Kwanzaa is about embracing ... read more >>
Written by James Clingman, NNPA Columnist 23 November 2013
Jim Clingman The Mis-Education of Black People The title of Carter G. Woodson’s famous book – The Mis-Education of the Negro –says it all. It is shameful and quite sad to hear and read some of ... read more >>
Taste of Soul
Written by David G. Brown 24 October 2013
The Million Man March and Day of Absence:Remembrance and Recommitment
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 24 October 2013
As we look back and remember one of the greatest marches in U.S. history and its companion project, the Day of Absence, which occurred October 16, l995, it is important that we place it in the context ... read more >>
Poverty’s Varied and Often Obscure Faces
Written by Larry Aubry 24 October 2013
    Poverty has been a disowned truth throughout history and a soiled part of the fabric of every society.  (One could also argue that it has not been scorned, but deemed necessary by the   ruling ... read more >>
Out of Order
Written by David G. Brown 17 October 2013
Following Our Foremother Fannie Lou Hamer:Courageously Questioning America
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 17 October 2013
In these uncertain and unsettling times of the self-silencing of the lambs, the fearful and fatigued surrender of summer soldiers, and the out-of-control hate-filled howling of ice age winter wolves, ... read more >>
The Black Press: Its Role and Accountability
Written by Larry Aubry 17 October 2013
The role of the Black press (print and electronic) in the 21st century is more important than ever.  (As this is written, the partial shutdown of the federal government is disproportionately affecting ... read more >>
106 Days? Hardly Working
Written by William Spriggs Special to the Sentinel 11 October 2013
In all the coverage of the shutdown of the federal government forced by House Speaker John Boehner, little has been shared on how things got to this point. Too much of the coverage portrays the budget ... read more >>
Time for a Dignified Minimum Wage
Written by Benjamin Todd Jealous 11 October 2013
This summer, minimum wage workers in California abandoned their posts at fast food restaurants and retail stores for spots on the picket line. They joined workers in cities across the country to demand ... read more >>
U.S. Will Hear Arguments to Overturn Prop 209 on October 15
Written by Leon Jenkins 11 October 2013
The United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments whether to affirm the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision striking down Proposal 2, the Michigan Constitutional Amendment, (which is identical ... read more >>
Written by David G. Brown 11 October 2013
Written by Larry Aubry 11 October 2013
These days Blacks wonder whether things will get any worse, because arguably, we are the ones most negatively affected by any measure of social, economic or political progress.  So, will things get ... read more >>
Fannie Lou Hamer Walking Off the Plantation: Questioning and Transforming America
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 11 October 2013
Fannie Lou Hamer was born 1917 October 6 in Mississippi in the midst of the racial madness and social mayhem called White supremacy in which walls of brutal separation were built in life and law to imprison ... read more >>
Obama Care
Written by David G. Brown 02 October 2013
Written by Alfonso Tucker 26 September 2013
Distractions can be enticing, like television when you have work to complete. Unwanted sleep because your body is fatigued. What happens to the mind when your goals seem far from reach? I am challenged ... read more >>
Government Shut Down
Written by David G. Brown 26 September 2013
Meditations on the Movement:Us’ 48 Years of Relentless Struggle
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 26 September 2013
Part 1: We were/are both products and co-producers of the Black Freedom Movement, members of a defiant and determined generation and organization, Us, which self-consciously responded to Frantz Fanon’s ... read more >>
Written by Larry Aubry 26 September 2013
Recently, a rash of alarming deadly violence got extensive television and newspaper coverage and momentarily, serious discussion among the citizenry.  There has also been a spate of homicides in certain ... read more >>
State Should Work Smarter to Recover Lost Revenue
Written by Jerome E. Horton 25 September 2013
Who would walk past a $20 bill lying on the ground without picking it up? The State of California, which does the functional equivalent by not going after approximately $9 billion in revenue lost annually ... read more >>
Written by Rae Jones 20 September 2013
When Great Beginnings for Black Babies was founded in 1990, nearly 19 of each 1,000 Black babies born succumbed to infant mortality.  Generally defined as the death of a baby before its’ first birthday, ... read more >>

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