Keeping It Real: America Has a Black President
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 22 January 2009
For the first time in my life, America will have a President from my race and generation. Aside from race and age my hopes and expectations for his presidency are also intertwined with the hopes and ... read more >>
Praise Song for a People
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 22 January 2009
Blessed are those who work and struggle for good in the world, who rise in resistance against oppression everywhere and in all its forms. Blessed are those whose long struggle, sacrifice and suffering ... read more >>
Imitation of White
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 22 January 2009
I read a disturbing thread on an email listserv the other day. There was an alleged Black man apologizing to Whites who enslaved Blacks in this nation. His apology was to Whites for the behavior of ... read more >>
Dr. King's Dream
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 22 January 2009
The tears flow down the faces of people of good will across the country today, as Barack Obama is sworn in as president of the United States. The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, whose birthday we ... read more >>
Who're They Fooling With This Schooling?
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 22 January 2009
On September 17, 1954, I was born in a house on West 37th Street in a quiet, predominantly White neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles, and am a product of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). ... read more >>
King-Drew: Retrospective on Systemic Negligence
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 22 January 2009
The following Urban Perspective (9/29/06) offers some insight on the shoddy leadership and lack of accountability that led to MLK hospital's demise. Its service area, the poorest in LA county, ... read more >>
Dr. King and Sports in the 21st Century
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 15 January 2009
Most may not know this but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. does have a connection with sports. In his younger days, he played baseball, basketball and wrestling and apparently he enjoyed watching football ... read more >>
Change: Obama's Birthday Gift to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Senator Roderick D. Wright 15 January 2009
The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, an African American, to the highest office of the United States of America, is a most significant historic event for a country that was built upon exploiting ... read more >>
Do You Really Want Peace in the Middle East?
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 15 January 2009
Well, "God's chosen people" are raising unholy hell in the Middle East again. And please don't buy into the nonsense that it's about Israel being attacked, or the defense of democracy, ... read more >>
Praise to the Working Man!
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 15 January 2009
Hello world, hope all is well with you and yours, as always I hope these words find you in peace. What I would like to offer you this week is a bit of recognition. Ladies please do not feel left ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 15 January 2009
On January 15th, Dr. Martin Luther King's actual birth date, millions of people throughout the world will reflect upon how far we have come in 40 years, and how much further we must go to realize ... read more >>
How To Love A Black Woman!
Written by Malik Spellman 15 January 2009
Fellows, we have truly abandoned our most valuable asset and that is love itself. First thing we should do in order to love a Black Woman is to remember that she always has our back, even when things ... read more >>
Rereading King: Correcting Revision & Reductive Interpretations of His Dream
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 15 January 2009
Each year throughout this country and around the world, many people who fight for freedom, struggle for justice, strive for power over their destiny and daily lives and pursue the work of peace, turn ... read more >>
Stupid, Laughing Americans
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 15 January 2009
Where America once lead the world in education and the cutting edge of technology, we have been dumbed down for so long that we are now at the level of some Third World Nations or below that status. ... read more >>
Just Economics
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 15 January 2009
Next Monday, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday and then, on Tuesday, Barack Obama will be sworn in as president of the United States. His first - and overwhelming - task will be to ... read more >>
Making "Gay" Go Away
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 15 January 2009
You may recall that "buggery" is essentially another word for homosexuality. For any one of several reasons, some "same-gender-loving" (SGL) males and females wish to abandon their ... read more >>
Response to Inglewood Cop Killings Mainly Silence
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 15 January 2009
The City of Inglewood's reaction to last year's spate of killings by Inglewood Police was overwhelmingly underwhelming. Protests were initiated by outsiders, not Inglewood residents who seemed ... read more >>
When is Being Cool, Too Cool to Survive?
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 08 January 2009
As a young man growing up, dividing my time between the Pueblo Del Rio projects and Watts, in South/Central Los Angeles, one of the first things I learned about survival in the Black community was ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Fixing Our Schools is the Civil Rights Issue of our Time
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 08 January 2009
It was 54 years ago when the Supreme Court declared that separate schools for Black students and White students were "inherently unequal." "In these days," the Court wrote, "it ... read more >>
January 14th
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 08 January 2009
Hello word, welcome to the first month of 2009! I write to you from my favorite chair with dark wooden arm rests and auburn leopard upholstery. At this very moment, my beloved chair is truly the most ... read more >>
Breaking the Betrayal of Silence
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 08 January 2009
Dr. Martin Luther King comes to mind in so many questions of life and struggle, not only in this his month of birth, but also in critical times like these of transition and trial, imperial wars and ... read more >>
What the World Needs Now
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 08 January 2009
The first time I heard the phrase "Kinder, gentler nation" was in the 1980's. It was a Republican slogan and I knew even then that it was mostly bullcrap. I knew it was propaganda designed ... read more >>
The Fierce Urgency of Now
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 08 January 2009
This economy is in free fall. Workers are losing jobs. Families are losing homes. Manufacturing is plummeting; exports declining; housing collapsing; construction on hold; state and local budgets slashed; ... read more >>
About My Holiday Eating Spree
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 08 January 2009
If you've been following me offline, you know that in the past year and a half I lost about 85 pounds going from a size 22 down to a 10. In the beginning, the reasons had more to do with proving ... read more >>
Gullible Gays in a Scriptural Maze
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 08 January 2009
In an effort to justify their homosexual behavior prominent members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community—as well as others—have sought support from the Holy Bible ... read more >>