Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Hello World; Do you believe in "Love at First Sight"?
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 18 September 2008
When I was seven years old, my biological father had a girl friend by the name of Margo. Margo was a mother to me between the ages of four to eight (I know she provided me with the motherly energy that ... read more >>
Forgiven Yet Not forgotten
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 11 September 2008
  Hello world, the situation I will discuss with you all this week is a major debate for me. Should I pursue a relationship with my biological father, "Thomas"? Just a few months ago I ... read more >>
My Addiction
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 28 August 2008
Hello world, I have many thoughts I’d like to share with all of you this week. Hopefully, you will read this article with an open mind, as oppose to shielding yourselves from reality. The real ... read more >>
Dana, I Love You
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 14 August 2008
Hello World, welcome to another day! If you’re optimistic about life, these next few minutes you’ll spend with my words may offer you a wonderful moment and new found light. Just contemplating ... read more >>
They’re Back!
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 07 August 2008
Hello world, if you recall in week two of my column with the Sentinel newspaper, I wrote about two young preteen boys that my dog Muse and I met at a park near my home. I’ve been disappointed because ... read more >>
Fearful Aspirations
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 31 July 2008
Hello World, I’ve got some surreal news to share with you all. I’m sitting in my leopard- upholstered chair with a spiral wooden armrest feeling good about the days to come. Truthfully, ... read more >>
Woman, Hope is Not Lost!
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 24 July 2008
Hello World, I just got off the phone with a woman I dated in undergrad; while, there are years and several miles separating us now, we attempted to rekindle the passion once held between us. But, there ... read more >>
My Life Goal
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 17 July 2008
My life goal is to inspire every person on earth in a positive fashion. I can do it. Hello world, I hope all of you who read my work allow your own noetic thoughts to guide you through a clear path. ... read more >>
COMMENTARY: Question, Should I Have Taken Her Virtue?
Written by ALFONZO TUCKER 10 July 2008
Hello World! My name is Alfonzo Tucker. If you recall the historical decision of Roe versus Wade, well, that is the year I was born. So you the reader have a better understanding of me. I’m a bit ... read more >>

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