Increased Taxes Is Not The Answer
Written by Patrick Williams 22 December 2011
Incessant tax hikes and their compounding discouragement on individual entrepreneurships have depressed California's free market society, particularly in inner-city areas, where there is usually an affinity ... read more >>
Mississippi Acts Against AIDS for World AIDS Day
Written by Tony Wafford 22 December 2011
I Choose Life Health and Wellness Center (ICL), Aaron E. Henry Community Health Services Center, Inc. (AEH), Toney's Barber Shop and the ACT Against AIDS Leadership Initiative joined in partnership to ... read more >>
Precious Time
Written by Jeorald Pitts 22 December 2011
Today I was watching T.V. and noticed the previews of a new movie starring Justin Timberlake called "In Time," in which every one is given 25 years of time to live, and the things you purchase has to be ... read more >>
Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, Please Allow Me To Introduce Aset:
Written by Shujaa Komoyo (Harold L. Baker, Jr.) 22 December 2011
Resurrecting a Troubled Sports Icon From the Soul UpMost people can relate to the old adage that "No one can hurt you like a loved one." This holds true for people in all walks of life, including top tier ... read more >>
It's Time to Speak Out to Stop Child Abuse
Written by U.S. Rep. Karen Bass 09 December 2011
For several weeks, we have been astonished by the child sexual abuse allegations against former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky and, most recently, the grand jury report that detailed ... read more >>
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 08 December 2011
Jeorald Pitts/Lil ToneThe Actor/Comedian Steve Harvey once said something simple, but profound that really meshed with my mental. He said: "I was who I was, I am who I am and I'm cool with both of them". ... read more >>
When Giving Is the Thanks
Written by By Larry Buford 02 December 2011
The American Thanksgiving holiday is sandwiched between our two highest-grossing commercial holidays--Halloween being second, and Christmas first. This year in America alone Halloween spending was expected ... read more >>
Democratic Blackness vs. Republican Blackness
Written by by Ezrah Aharone 02 December 2011
Ever since Republican Herman Cain, a self-described "Black conservative," remarked that two-thirds of Black Democrats are "brainwashed," the question of his "Blackness" has been contrasted with that of ... read more >>
Rehabilitation Versus Incapacitation
Written by Jeorald Pitts 18 November 2011
Jeorald PittsWith 2011 Marking the 221st birth year of the first U.S Penitentiary. It's unfortunate that the Philosophical Course that our prison systems should be operating under is still being debated. ... read more >>
Written by Cheryl Pearson-McNeil 18 November 2011
Cheryl Pearson-McNeilI've got some great news for you. And it flies in the face of the steady stream of negative stories and statistics you're consistently bombarded with about African-Americans. But here ... read more >>
Nurturing Our Future
Written by Rep. Karen Bass (CA-33) 18 November 2011
 There is no greater measure to the global success of our society than the health and happiness of our children. Every child around the world deserves the basic right to a family in a safe and loving ... read more >>
Botswana: A Well Kept Secret
Written by Harry C. Alford 18 November 2011
Beyond the RhetoricThere are 54 nations comprising the continent of Africa. We look at these nations, too often, as all the same - third world striving to enter the second world. South Africa is an exception ... read more >>
This is my purpose
Written by Jeorald Pitts 31 October 2011
 Jeorald PittsSince the development of the cognitive part of our brains, man has been plague with the thought and desire to find their purpose in life. Although we'd like to believe its our intellect ... read more >>
Power Watching
Written by Cheryl Pearson-McNeil 31 October 2011
Cheryl Pearson-McNeilDon't you just love this time of year? The crispness of the air. Trees showing off their gorgeous fall colors. Our kids settling (hope springs eternal) into the still kinda' new school ... read more >>
Written by M. Elliott Aubry 31 October 2011
Danny Bakewell really did it this time. Not that he hasn't done it real big before, but the 6th Annual Taste of Soul food and music festival last Saturday on Crenshaw was an experience to behold. Just ... read more >>
Written by Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) 28 October 2011
Democrats and Republicans chant in unison jobs, jobs, jobs. President Obama offers an American Jobs plan, but Republicans use the filibuster in the Senate to kill it and a Republican majority will not ... read more >>
The West Athens/Westmont Community Task Force
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 13 October 2011
Everywhere you turn all you hear people talking about is the recession that has been strangling our economy. Now there is talk of a possible double dip recession Conversely we hear little about the recession ... read more >>
The current economic recession
Written by Professor Charles Ogletree 13 October 2011
The current economic recession has hurt almost everyone in the country who doesn't work on Wall Street. But it probably won't surprise many to learn that the harshest effects are being felt in communities ... read more >>
Written by JULIANNE MALVEAUX , NNPA Columnist 13 October 2011
The fall of the Roman Empire is best captured in the phrase that "Nero fiddled while Rome burned". Set on pursuing his own pleasures and indulgences, Nero could not see the walls crumbling around him. ... read more >>
Written by Eric Lee 13 October 2011
Not long ago, Kaiser Permanente held a special significance in both the Los Angeles and the national economy. As one of the largest and most profitable corporations in America, it was also one of the most ... read more >>
This Labor Day Must Be More Than a Holiday
Written by Dr. John E. Warren 02 September 2011
Appropriately 126 years ago, the first Labor Day holiday was established to honor American workers and their place and importance in our society. It was set aside as a time for parades and celebrations. ... read more >>
Written by Priscilla Valldejuli 29 August 2011
MY STORY-GROWING UP PUERTO RICANI was born and raised in Puerto Rico until the age of 13 when my Parents (Dad a prominent CPA, Mami a housewife with 7 children, I being the eldest) decided it would be ... read more >>
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone Tone 29 August 2011
Today I am using the traditional English language by utilizing nouns, verbs and adjectives as a brush to paint a Portrait of Remembrance and the celebration of the life of our young brother Michael Buchanan.In ... read more >>
Julius Hollis: The ADE Story
Written by Julius Hollis ADE Founder & Chairman 29 August 2011
As we prepare to celebrate the noble achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the dedication of the monument honoring him this week in our nation's capital, our economy is in the midst of imploding ... read more >>
Jay-Z and Kanye West: Hip-Hop Empowerment
Written by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., NNPA Columnist 29 August 2011
This is a well-deserved salute to two global icons of hip-hop culture. Two successful Black men who transcend race and social division have attained the pinnacle of worldwide impact with their artistic ... read more >>